between people!

I woke up to this two years ago, and I felt cherished. I woke up to this, this morning again as FB pops it out as a memory! and nothing seems to have changed. But what I love about this is the timing of the memory, in the context of Anon’s post from last night. There are a handful of people in my life to whom I have had to explain nothing at all (not that I do otherwise), and neither they to me, except for say, ask them to courier two silks instead of one 😀 They I guess become are the people, the kinds I cherish…

Dear PnA

First of all, I want a Silk now. It’s almost 12 in the night, and I am craving for something sweet. The fact that I am too lazy and go get some from the store is another thing😛 . It has been so much fun in this ride together. The times spent on chat, Whatsapp, group chats and phone were fun. What was even more fun was to have finally met you in person. I should however be thankful that I made it out of meeting you without being punched😛 The idea of a best friend has always …Source: Dear Pins and Ashes


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