The Spirited Potatoes

13628274_313461612330105_12818258_n(1)I was hungry, all I could find were potatoes, onions and tomatoes, a few packets of oregano and chili flakes from the pizza ordered last night. So, I chopped them up and pushed them into the pan. They were getting cooked in the oil. I looked around, saw a bottle of sprite left over from some day. I thought why not, and poured it into the pan, and they began to cook! The result, the one in the picture. I served the dish as the spirited potato.

oh it tasted yum! I tell you.. not the hot and sour and sweet kinds.. the oregano gave it a zing, and the sprite gave it a ming.. just these two, and some chili flakes for some heat. lazy you see..! when the #lazygirlcooks, takes pictures and posts on the blog πŸ˜€


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45 thoughts on “The Spirited Potatoes”

  1. Wowow .. I bet this is the quickest comment..It says u posted this 4 min. Back.

    You can guess I got wi fi here now..

    I bet it tastes good.. I had to have the bland English thing fish and chips. .

    And now I am jealous so muchhhh

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                    1. It is a very good habit…Keep it up. I miss it actually my loft has lots of books which I have bought over time. But tull now time was never with me.. hoping now I will have

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