#ThursdayMusings the freedom people take with each other

  • I love people who feel at home with me, around me.. like the cousin who dropped in yesterday. There are a few places other than home I too walk in and I am settled. No wonder I keep going back, so even if Cochin is far, I have a few homes which are home to me…
  • images (3)It is lovely to have people around me whom I can call and say, I’m hungry give me some food, I’m coming over.. 🙂
  • Or, once I had bought the KFC meal and walked into a friend’s room. As is practice she rummaged through my bag and found it, opened it and ate it all without even asking me.. I love that freedom certain people take with me..
  • I love it when conversations begin from anywhere.. sometimes a hi/hello I feel intrudes into a private space of people. But as it is with people and habits I let it be.. but on days when they begin conversations without their usual salutations, I feel lovelier..
  • It happens with a handful of people 🙂

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19 thoughts on “#ThursdayMusings the freedom people take with each other”

    1. Siblings are a different ball game all together.. just walk in and they’ll take care! I guess I have many friends who are open and free with me, but I guess I am not that open and free with everyone I meet! 🙂

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  1. happens with only a few people, I have a limited but hungry friends all over. The first thing they say always say is “Khane me kya hai ?” (Whats the plan for food , eh ?) . Lovely post !


  2. Yes again trueeeeeee. .
    Reminds me of my trip to india two years back.. mom was in Australia. . So instead of going to my own house I went to my friends without telling him 3am in morning woke him up. . His wife cooked food.. and we talked and then I ended up staying all my holidays in their house..

    And as you say only a handful.. its like when one came to uk I got a call from airport come and pick me.. 😀😀 and I was smiling all the way to airport because I had it all planned what we were going to do the moment he sat in the car. .awesomeeee ewe. .

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