When childhood walks in, in the form of a cousin…

Childhood was fun. In the beginning, we were two of us, 2 girl cousins, the boy cousin made this cousin holiday party, a trio. It was the three of us for a long time until a few years later, the other 3 came along; our younger siblings, and a younger brother to our boy cousin. Together, the 6 of us, 3 girls and three boys enjoyed our holidays to the hilt.

This boy cousin visited today. It has been five years or more since we last met. He walks in, removes his shoes, and socks, and he goes in search of the restroom, then enters the kitchen to get some water, finds a bottle of sprite, and comes back with it, and says, “give me a cup of coffee..” he’s already found the biscuits and chocolates on the table. I just sat there and just watched him settle down, not a word to me, he said, he found his way around the house, around the containers in the kitchen, around the bottles in the rack, around the wardrobe for towels. When he comes finally and sits down in front of me, I smile.. he smiles too. We have known each other since we were toddlers, our mothers are sister cousins. We have spent our summer vacations together. We have run wild, jumped into the lakes, caught the dragon flies, played in the mud.. that smile had all that and more, we nodded at each other, Β sat down quietly soaking the feeling of being at home with each other, at home with ourselves, at home with our memories, at home with our sibling-ship, at home with our love for each other, and fondness..

He is a little americanized these days, the attitude and the accent, but the man is the same old playmate who used to pull my hair while I flung mud on his white shirt.. πŸ™‚

Growing up ..

Vaayadi Pennu

Nostalgia runs in weird directions.

I noticed that the mango tree that grew mangoes with a blush of red on their cheek was cut down. I got out and ran to the eastern side of the house to go stand in front of our guava tree, the one, the 4 of us, cousins, used to climb during our summer vacations. The really tall mango tree in the front courtyard was the one my grandfather had our really long swings hung from.Β Although, the adjacent taller mango tree of a different breed and the jack fruit trees in the backyard are still around, these two trees hold special memories.

These two trees in our immediate courtyard and then a cashew tree in the adjacent courtyard.Β The thing with these cashew trees is, their branches grow sideways to some length longer than other trees. So if we happen to sit on the…

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11 thoughts on “When childhood walks in, in the form of a cousin…”

  1. I still remember that whenever I used to visit my maternal aunt, I used to climb Neem tree. As they have a huge backyards, lots of trees
    including Lemon and Pomegranate and Chickoo. My cousins are still smaller but totally fun with. πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸ‘»
    Love time being With them and masti… Greta AJ. 🌞🌞

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  2. Nostalgic! I remember meeting my cuz after very long, we both sat in the bar, smiling at each other, sipping our drinks, Me thinking “Sala mauka mil jaye to aaj phir iski gardan daba ke laat ghuson se peet doon isko, batting nahi deta tha mujhe bachpan mein”
    He thinking ” Bas chale to abhi do waiters se iske hath pair pakadwa ke maar maar ke adhmara kar doon, bachpan ki saari maar ka badla ek sath le loon”

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  3. We are eight cousins in total, 4 men now, one lady -me and rest three girls. They have grown up quite a bit but they are my little sisters. You reminded me of the good time we had when we had met at our granny’s place two years back. They say I have changed. I say I just grew up. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hahaha! I guess we all grow up, but then that bond remains.. We are 24 on the paternal, and 8 on the maternal but I also closer to my second cousins as well. The boy is my second cousin and the cousin gang is just huge .. πŸ˜πŸ˜€

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