Cravings, an upfie & convasexuals :D

13827179_1644625559187603_343296348_nI had a craving for rava upma this morning, (not a big fan of rava upma, that way) but I didn’t know how to prepare it. So, as the first step I chopped a few basic things, kept them aside, and pinged a few friends of mine including the mother. In their running commentary of how to prepare, they stood by me over whatsapp cheering with pings, I sent them stage by stage pictures and cleared my doubts, my upma was made and it tasted yum.. Took an upfie with it (a selfie with a bowl of upma, a nut suggested the name) and posted it as well.. welcome to my world of cravings, upfies, and mindless laughter and a lot of talk..Β (I’m not sharing my upfies and selfies with you on the blog for I wonder who may stop by to comment! πŸ˜€ :D) which is the other thing that has kept me up and about this morning, actually since last night. I’ve been inspired to take a selfie because of somebody (hahahaah!) I know they’ll have a smile pop up instantly thinking about the talk, please don’t fall off your chair about the daily dose of our new found laughter πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

just being me, I guess! πŸ˜€

To conclude then, well it all happens in this virtual world of bloggers, when you meet some good souls, and befriend them over posts and comments. I look at my whatsapp contact list and I find I have an equal number of people from this world who have become really good talking buddies, and you know I live for conversations, all my friends are good convasexuals..if there is a neologism like that πŸ˜€ so why do I blog, I blog to wake up to their minds making conversation.


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34 thoughts on “Cravings, an upfie & convasexuals :D”

      1. Hahaha… Your upma looks stunningly beautiful. Aww so gorgeous… Nice meeting u here ash… Loved ur upma.. πŸ˜›

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                    1. A pinch of red here, a pinch of green there, makes everything beautiful like a teddy bear.
                      Worst rhyme ever.. Lol

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  1. Oh come on share share share share…

    Now that is not right it seems you love your whatsapp friends more than blog friends.. 😎😎😎

    Right are you emotionally blackmailed enough. .yet or do I need to carry on…

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