Windowchronicles: the lady koel

She has been teasing me since morning or more aptly, since the time I woke up and looked out. She was there on this branch nearest to my window her back turned to me. I wanted her to turn a little more, at an angle, so I could get her profile.. her seventh bird sense may have warned her that I was looking at her.. staring in fact, a time when I could not even afford to blink.. she went and hid behind one of the branches.. And to her surprise, her male black koel friend was already hidden among the leaves..

She moved to an adjacent branch for some privacy. Her back turned to me again.. she never gave me as much as a face!Standing at the window with a camera has taught me patience or so I feel. I can stand there for minutes together.. to stare and scan the premises for hours at a stretch to catch the one glimpse of a bird that teases me with its glimpses and sounds. There are days when I feel I should look out for another place to work. The table by the window is very distracting, a bird flies by, and all I can think of on some days is about that one close look.. I may not want a picture, but I may want to see their eyes..This her, she is the asian koel, the spotted one. She has been hopping around different branches of adjacent trees today.. teasing me to death.. I caught her on another branch, a little far way of another tree. Until she decides to fly near my window, I can listen to her amidst the noises these tree branches make while they sway in the rain laden winds.. Nature seems to be in a relaxed mood today, drenched and clean.. there is a calmness that the rain has brought to them, quenching their thirst and wiping off the heat from their surfaces.. they are looking cooler in their tidy greens..She teases me again, she just flew past my window! That woman is very naughty. But this time round, she turned her head and looked my way, I saw her eyes, a blood red, is it?

Source: Windowchronicles: the lady koel


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