Have you surprised anybody?

What I am getting at is, people judge by just looking at you all the time. Happens partly because many work with a set idea/or say, a stereotype and refuse to customize according to the person at hand even if they know what they are thinking is not right. 😎😎 but hardly anybody bothers! 

My first day in the gym, and my instructor was making us do those floor stretches! sit down, stretch your legs as wide as possible to the sides and bend forward/ and also that touch your head to the knees kinds… He came by my side and said, it is OK if you can’t, it is day one. I nodded. But then I touched my forehead to the floor and to my knees, not once but many times over whenever he asked me to, to make sure it was not a fluke😂😂😎 Jaw dropping because I am on the rolly polly side with a nice layer of fat around me but I turned out to be extremely flexible. I loved it that day. Now since I knew I could do that I surprised my yoga instructor too later 😎😎 can’t help being a little mischevious around certain people. What to do. 😎😎

You tell me any jaw dropping incident ?


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