• I step out after a week or so after the fever and the world looks different up close!
  •  I find  the grass everywhere has become taller and greener
  • Somebody has trimmed the canopies of the trees..
  • The pigeons’ water bowl has been shifted to another corner
  • The paths are slippery, I need to be careful while I walk
  • “Where were you, you were missing for a week, all good?” When the carekeeper of the park asked me when he gave me the token
  • “our third friend and I were wondering where you disappeared, today, he has gone missing when you appeared” the two guys I meet in the park during the much needed rest. This is the first we have talked.
  • The one lick of my darling pug boy in the middle of the road, a little fellow who I meet when I cross the road everyday. His owner says, he was looking out for you..
  • “Here’s your Indian.. (Express) didn’t see you for a week” the newpapaper woman who sits at the corner
  • “Hot Mirchi bajji? Along with your vada pav” the vendor who packs my quota of two daily
  • “Dal vada parcelled, how many idlis today?” The idli guy of the corner
  • “Didi, I taught everybody your ha he li be song … ” my little Aladdin of the juice shop. I gave him the mnemonic for the next 10 elements in the periodic table.
  • I missed them too these so many days but I was surprised they noticed I was not around.
  • My Monday begins with big hurrah moments.. and finally, my taste buds are back in action! phew! what is life without taste, I can write a thesis on that today! 😀
  •  How has yours been so far ..
  • Who made you smile today?


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

30 thoughts on “#littlepleasures”

  1. This post definitely made me smile..

    And yes it is refreshing and I know the feeling when you go after a few days and the lady behind costa looks at you and smiles and has already started makinh the large latte. . For you..

    I have not been for 4 days as been in london .. so I am expecting the question where have I been next week…😀😀😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know the lady behind the Costa actually making you large latte.. I sometimes wonder how do they remember, then I think I do remember such so people can …. Wonderful you feel the same way bikram.


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