Priorities! #Mondaymusings

The three triggers are Akhila’s post about time,  Harsh’s post on masks, and three, the FB memory that popped up this morning on my timeline.


The answer lies in the picture itself. it is all about priorities! May be I am naive that I believe in a certain level of honesty. Therefore, I have never understood when people avoid people by saying they are busy! There goes mask number one on the faces of the listener and the speaker. Then why is that these so called busy people are put on higher pedestals when they are in fact not open about their feelings! or may be it is just me! I am the mad one around who thinks that mouthing busy is equivalent to some expletive, and feel very awkward when people say such!

The point is you don’t need to tell/explain to me you are busy. I assume everybody is, all of us have our work cut out, just because I am seen online all the time or somebody else is seen on another social networking site, or somebody else is always available to chat on whatsapp or seen posting on FB, or somebody is always there to listen to you over a call, does not mean they have less important work to do in their lives. In fact, it just means the opposite, it means they are prioritizing you, they are making time from their life to spend with you. Therefore, when I find these people who do not go about saying they are busy, but are, and who also find time to do everything they can for themselves and others, I kind of keep them very close. Because they are precious! They become my priority 😀



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56 thoughts on “Priorities! #Mondaymusings”

  1. Yeah. Priorities, I guess. Ee kollam priorities have been such that I have ended up ignoring friends without even being able to tell them I am busy. Not that I’d tell I’m busy, but I can’t even tell priorities. Maybe was overthinking, but yeah. happened. seeing the repercussions at places. I’m waiting for 2017.

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    1. Sending lots of hugs your way,
      I think of yesterday and all will be turn happy!
      2016 is not that bad after all!
      still can’t get over last night..
      I’m so so so so very proud of you da.
      I’m beaming! as if it is my achievement! ❤

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      1. I think of yesterday too, and I hope more such moments come in the future. At the moment, it’s quite a lot of uncertainty on one particular aspect. And that doesn’t seem to be headed toward calmer waters.

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        1. When more such moments come I’d love to be there cheering for you. And it will come .. The other uncertainty give it time it too shall pass. Just hold on.. And then you have us friends always. ..


  2. I myself hate the word busy. And yes no one can be that busy.

    I mean busy would be have we forgotten to breath.. or to eat.. I think it as an excuse ..

    I do hope I don’t become like that because I still do it the old way go to see friends and just turn up.. If they are not there then fine .. but I also hate the idea of phoning someone oh I am coming.. why…

    Why don’t we do thing on spontaneity. .

    I think it’s easy for the new era people to use the word busy as an excuse..


  3. After we had a talk yesterday, I thought ki main bhi aj jaldi sone ki try karta hun. I was laying on my bed and thinking about this. All the people I try to stay in contact with came in my mind. The college friends I try to call and they don’t pick. They must be busy, I think and just let it go. But then, my friends called me almost unexpectedly. We talked for hours and I again slept at 4. Haha. You are right when you say, nobody is busy. It’s just matter of priorities.

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    1. Haha! I too had a call from a friend today and with some people we can just go on talking and the time doesn’t matter … Glad you had nice time talking. There are good people like us da Harsh. And we have some good friends for whom being busy does not matter at all 😃aaj kya plan hai?

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  4. I used to reply to all those who needed help or wanted someone to listen to,I mean my circle. But gradually , I realized, it wasn’t the other way round. So, now , over time, I have made my circle smaller and I have more time and better people around me. I set my priorities right. 🙂

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  5. Excellent writeup! It is all about priorities.You are not alone.I have felt the same way when someone says ‘I am busy’.It just means that they do not consider us as priorities.


  6. and these priorities just change as the life moves on…but I doubt aswathi cant change her priority to be a chatterbox..he he..

    pinne, ente link correct cchythilenkil, unne njan konniduven..grrrrrr

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      1. he he…watched that movie again two days back…and in a recent magazine, i read a review about that movie.. i think, mathrubhoomi azhchapathippu.. it was a totally different kind of review, a perspective which none would have expected..

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  7. I totally agree with what you think about personalizing one’s priorities by showing off this “BUSY” sign to others. Everyone is busy in some or the other way, but if someone is hiding himself thru this billboard of “BUSY BEE” then its better to avoid people like these. Nice write up! 🙂

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    1. Thank you Saumy. I very much believe in what I just wrote and feel very uncomfortable with this idea that people hide behind their busy- ness! Pet peeve I guess! Thanks for dropping by, reading and commenting .


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