I always wanted to write..

I grew up with a brother who started to verse when he was in class 3. He had this little notebook where he used to write and simultaneously illustrate his poems. All I could do was talk, I was good with the mike, I could make people listen to me when I spoke, but I wished then I could write someday, may be verse like my brother did, write stories like my mother, .. I used to be their reading voice.. that was how our combination worked, they wrote, I read it out, we were a team. But I never ever thought I would ever merge words and make Β sense and emote like they did. I found the prospect of writing so exciting, I used day dream of all the little things I could write up if I just had that magic to string words together.. of course, they were very encouraging. These two have read every rubbish I have written, and been well mannered critics. They are still the two people whom I can pester into reading every post of mine and ask for an opinion, and they would give me a very honest one, I can depend on! I moved from two unrelated words to flowery prose when my mother nearly disowned me to I guess what I have come to be today. School was over, college came, and ‘surprisingly’ I won first prize in a writing competition. I had sat down to write that day on “junk food” because the word “decadence” in the other topic made no sense to me, plus my friends were participating and I did not want to wait around outside for an hour. I found it so funny that time, I couldn’t believe that I had won for something I had written very causally, and on top of it, won, when everybody around wrote about the other one! What I had cherished for so long that childhood wish I had written to about to tooth fairies and the Santa Claus was coming true.. and I guess, it comes true every time I pick up the pen or start to type … still a long way to be a writer, but I have definitely started to write!

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11 thoughts on “I always wanted to write..”

  1. I think all of us have that nagging self-doubt… does anyone bother to read my writing at all …
    If you love your own writing … you will get a following.
    Well written … loved your post…

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