The Tie Knot Session

f89f25a6-c25d-4e16-9652-d9b7f58875c3One of the exercises during a session was to write down how to tie this tie knot. These set of classes I took are one of the best things I have done in life so far. I was assigned a group of students from the B Tech classes to help them with their reading, writing and speaking skills that year. This was one of the sessions I cooked up as part of it.

My friend and I who were conducting this session together that day had agreed on this picture of the tie knot! Beautiful I thought when I found this picture somewhere online! The picture showed the steps in details. Our wards had to word them into steps. The assignment was two fold, first, they had to describe each step as in the picture; second, read it out step wise, so that one of us could follow those instructions and tie the knot. They agreed. We were happy. We gave them half an hour to complete the task. Students by virtue of being students most of the time ask for more time to complete the task at hand. I am still a student, one of the mails I often write to my supervisor is asking for more time to finish my work (And I can anticipate a response for this line, like now :)) When they were done, my friend and I took turns to follow their steps with a stole one of us had.

The session turned out to be even more fun than we had expected. As it always happens, there are some steps most of us forget to write, which are in our head. How does the person standing across know about it if it is not communicated in writing. (This is exactly what my woman said a few days ago when I went to her with a written draft). Now the fun started precisely because of those gaps and those missed steps that remained behind in their heads. The stole in my hand and my friend’s took a lot of shapes and ended up in some other knot very different from in the picture. One of the students started off with the second step. My friend followed his instructions verbatim to which he asked “why you holding that in your hand, it is supposed to be around your neck,” to which she answered “you never asked me to. You told me which end to hold!” The boy asked for 5 minutes to go over his steps again …

I haven’t the faintest clue whether I’ve given a fair picture of how the session went on that day.. with each student, and the fun we all had as participants and as an audience when a small step was skipped or when the knot was done without missing out on a step. There lies the beauty of small things, however big or small every step is important.. together as a class we learned our lesson that day…

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41 thoughts on “The Tie Knot Session”

  1. Hahaha, I could totally relate to this exercise. It would be fun seeing so many students in front of you trying to tie the knots. So much excitement and entropy in a single place.
    We as students as said by you require extra time in everything be it assignments, syllabus.

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    1. I was so stoked when my dad taught me how to tie a knot back in school. After that it has been a challenge! I have tied knots for almost all my guy friends.. this one was a lot of fun.. I wish I had video recorded it, but then come memories are to be kept out of videos and to be stored in the mind!


  2. You took me to my college days in Mangalore. Those days ragging in college was very tough and cruel. One of the session by the seniors was Tie knot. And they taught me that in a matter of seconds…😁

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