A friend of mine has been going on saying he is Sapiosexual.. may be what he means is this! may be may be not.. if it is, i am one too 😀 What about you..

Let’s see, so what turns you on.. Other than the intelligence factor.. Well,

  1. Shoes does, I remember going an sitting in the lecture of a prof who had a wonderful collection of footwear!
  2. spontaneous laughter does, I can fall in love with somebody who does
  3. sarcasm does!
  4. I like the angry young men and women who blow off the handle when they are angry, guffaw as if there is no tomorrow and break down when they are sad and do not suppress all of it because somebody may see.
  5. And may be men with a nice thick mustache.. that is my weakness! i go weak in the knees! 😀
  6. And somebody who feels zen with sausages and some form of meat and fish for breakfast! 😀

what will be a turn off! mm clingy people! I don’t cling neither do I like people who cling to me! – unwanted brooders! – tragic heroes –


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30 thoughts on “Stoked!”

          1. Simplicity attracts me more then complex intelligence. Simplicity is rare now a days.
            Intelligence has lost its charam in today’s Information technology time…

            Just kidding.

            I love simplicity that’s all…

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              1. It’s question to trap a simply man. Hence definition of intelligence is not defined , but I have been asked to define simplicity. But let me give try to explain.

                First of all I should explain to you that , I love intelligence . But it’s not primary trait for me which attracts. Even simple people are intelligent. And intelligent people are simple too .

                I take intelligence as secondary or equal to simplicity.

                Let me give you few examples for simplicity.

                If being Einstein is intelligent then being simple is Mother Teresa.

                If being intelligence is bottled mineral water then water from well is simple.

                If world best modern high tech city is intelligence then remote village of third world is simple.

                If being human is intelligent then being plant or a bird is simple.

                If being flying in plane is intelligence then walking bare foot on ground is simple.

                If being science is intelligence then being spiritual is simple.

                If maths equations are intelligence then writing a poetry is being simple.

                If writing on touch screen is intelligence then writing on pen and paper is being simple.

                If being scientist is intelligence then being saint is simple.

                If living in 7 star is intelligence then living in simple hut is simple.

                If acquiring the systematic information is intelligence then knowing the nothingness is simple.

                If claiming education is intelligence then accepting ignorance is simple.

                If claiming that I know is intelligence then knowing that I knew nothing is simplicity.

                If claiming successful is intelligence then being ordinary is simple.

                If being mature is intelligence then being infant is simple.

                If wearing 3 piece is intelligence then being Mahavir is simple.

                If claiming king is intelligence then being Buddha is simple.

                If knowing science is intelligence then seeing everything as miracle is simple.

                If being best president so far is intelligence then being Mahatma Gandhi is simple.

                If brain is intelligence then heart is simplicity.

                Until intelligence is not expressed , simplicity in context with the former can’t to related hence I have taken few examples.

                Both scientist and saints required to build healthy society. Fortunately we have created ample of scientist but very few saints.

                No doubt I respect science , but my love is spirituality.

                I have no intention to be offensive, but tried to explain my perspective.

                I respect and regard your perception too.

                Until you have asked, I had never thought about simplicity thanks for giving me opportunity to think and express my feelings.


    1. Humour is very sexy, when it sacri humour it is sexier, when it is intelligent sarci humour.. I think I just fall flat head over heels 😀 😀 😛 I would say.. ! agree with the disrespectful men bit.. big big big big big turn off!

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  1. Read sexual and eyes got broadened, saw sapiosexual along, being of the inquisitive nature, tried dictionary, didn’t find so checked Google and it said related to intellegence and I immediately had a turn off 😰

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  2. 😀 … Count me in… Dumbness, hypocrisy, and peculiar dress sense are turn off for me. A great turn on for sense of humour, wide and spontaneous laugh ( I laugh a lot 😀 ) Good food, the list is becoming too long!

    Not a fan of moustaches (hope Bikram would overlook my comment) 😀

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