.. my not so humble say .. 

In my not so very humble opinion, I think people should be happy at a basic level. Because if they are, whatever they may be, unhappy, depressed, sad, angry, irritated they’ll bounce back into the happy them at some point in time later. 

If people are depressed at a basic level, I think that’s when the problem begins, like the 18 year old boy who opened fire last night, or that pilot who crashed that flight full of people. Who gives them the right to inflict pain and fear in another because you are in some adverse state of depression brought about by mostly you!! 

Once a friend of mine and I were in a fight. In between when the odds were against him, he started to hit his head to the wall! I was shocked to say the least. The theatrics if it was, was too much, because this was the first I had seen somebody do this kind of self infliction. Plus, the fight was not so bad one that it called upon such a behaviour. Anything can be talked out is my not so humble opinion #2. Two other friends and I tried to get him off the wall, but he was adamantaly banging his head. I was fed up, I let it be. The man wanted to guilt trip us into accepting his POV, but this was not the way to do it, may be this was how he got things done with other people or at home!! But that walking out did the trick, he stopped, he cried, he shouted, and he stopped. I slapped him hard later for the nonsense he put up when he sheepishly came up to apologize and showed us his scars! That was the first I had slapped somebody ever! But that slap cost me that friendship. We grew apart. It hurt that time, because he was a good guy to be around but after that head banging, I never wanted to be around him. I wondered what else he would have done to get his point through. What if he cut himself the next time!!  There was a flaw somewhere, a streak of sadism we concluded later which we kept ignoring until that head banging day. Otherwise who in their right minds would even think of such an out!! 

The fact is there nothing anybody else can do to lift your mood or make you happy if you don’t want it yourself. May be that is why I’m so pissed off with the world around for brooding so much on little and big things! Life is a larger canvas, move on get to your happy state! Our convoluted society has somehow always upped tragedy, sorrow and pathos and looked down upon comedies and being happy as secondary. But in my not so humble opinion #3 that is the state to be, because then as people we are at peace with ourselves and will not think of taking the gun to shoot, or bang the head to get a point through, but may take to ranting on the blog instead!😀😂


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51 thoughts on “.. my not so humble say .. ”

                    1. I’m in excellent shape in mood department .. 😊😘😍 as happy as I can be, but troubled about these firecrackers moments in the last one week!!


                    2. At least I didn’t come down with a fever like last week! The body has realized it is going to be a regular feature so react with a fever always !!


  1. You have picked up important issue. Loved the idea.

    Till the time we will try to find out solution out in this world problem will exist.

    Problem and solutions of any of the issues lies with in.

    We need to have approach the world within.

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    1. I loved that idea in the film Jab We Met! heehehehee didn’t know bruce lee also did that though.. so that is imitaz ali’s inspiration eh! 🙂 what’s happening on a saturday with you.. sup

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