Curious me #357

I am thinking about what I may mean to people around me, at least some of you. Largely, I have felt I am one of those go to people you can call anytime for anything, to listen to, laugh along with, share something with, find a solution for… At times, I end up being your strength. Almost like, she’s here now, she’ll take care. d8c86dfded89f6931a20a2d5875e7779

Over the years I have found that on days when I go down the dumps which is very rare, most people around me are at a loss as to what to do with me if I have a public melt down! So to put them out of such a predicament, I close my door and sit inside until I have figured out what let me down. Many of the people around wouldn’t have even seen me not happy for that matter! But these are states just I know of and may be one or two, more, and I’m grateful for them who try their best to get me back up like I do when they are out..! I may be very wrong about it, but some vibes here and there tell me, these could be true..😚😚

What do you think you are to people around you …


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29 thoughts on “Curious me #357”

  1. Lately .. The answer to that question is NO IDEA..

    I so want to leave and go back to live in india with my friends here people are so mean.. reminds me of a lovely quote..

    दोस्तो के साथ
    जीने का इक मौका
    दे दे ऐ खुदा………..
    तेरे साथ तो
    हम मरने के बाद
    भी रह लेंगे……..

    Time life experiences have had their work done on me.. maybe I have changed and I think they have. Ah well ….

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    1. doston ke saath jeene ka ek mauka.. I mean, some friends are more than family! but ya.. life, time experiences.. I’m scared to think of a cynic me which I think I am growing into ..


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