Cosmic law ..

The cosmic law. For I believe

if you have wronged me

when I was most faithful to you

the universe will let you know some day.

I keep quiet, I may not react …

sadder I feel

when I know you’ll be punished […] some day.

the gravity, you’ll  realize

it is difficult to face your conscience, then

easier it was facing me, eye to eye!

without the lies!!!

Daily Prompt: Punishment



Published by

pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

9 thoughts on “Cosmic law ..”

  1. When we learn to forgive and have mercy then the world can heal. Being vindictive or holding on to grudges stabs us in the back before it inflicts it’s force into our foes. May you have mercy, may you heal.Namaste

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    1. I guess forgiveness is relative! So is mercy! even if I forgive, have mercy or heal, the wrong is wrong and cosmic law will take its course! sad it is that way! I was just referring to that natural cycle! .. Namaste to you as well..


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