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30 thoughts on “:) :)”

      1. The memories that made wounds in my heart won’t heal fast. That will bleed when ever there is a stimulation.i think it’s very had to forget and forgive even if we tried had.most of them will pretend to be happy with situations which make them uncomfortable ….

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          1. Very true… She definitely is one of those unconditional support person… But her patience has a limit too… N ya Aquarians are very multitalented too.. Not trying to butter you :P… But that’s what I have noticed 🙂

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              1. No you were not pompous at all 😛 … That’s the humblest response I have ever got ;)… Hey btw I have nominated you for the 3 day quote challenge… No obligations I am just letting the great Aquarian know 😛

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  1. Oh, I was refering to chembaneer’s heart.
    But good to know. 😉 If it holds any kind of meaning or makes any kind of connection to sth I already know, I will remember at least the sense or feeling of anything I am ever told. But if I had to learn anything by heart I cannot make sense of or relate to, I will most likely forget it.

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