Short Film: Interior Cafe Night | Adhiraj Bose

I stumbled upon this short film by accident on the previous day of Naseeruddin Shah’s birthday. It was important because he plays the lead alongside Shernaz Patel. The short film is Interior Cafe Night. I found it kind of cutely done the way two people meet after years, and how they recollect their little things in the most natural way. The story is also something else, but that is for you to watch and smile! I generally don’t miss anything from Shah, I enjoyed Waiting to bits, and this one came as a surprise! He looks very cute when he says some lines.. as always, the actor that he is. Shernaz with her presence makes it sweeter! Enjoy.


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21 thoughts on “Short Film: Interior Cafe Night | Adhiraj Bose”

  1. I never watch movies , tv , serials from past many years. Tried this movie as you described.

    Even I love Naseer Sahab.

    Since it was a short movie . Thought to give a look. After many hurdles I was able to watch that movie.

    How come one man can wait for such a long period for her , Amazing .

    Younger version was also good.

    Thanks for suggesting.

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        1. I know little little things.. I know, yeh meri ghar ka table nahi hai.. ! The director and the scriptwriter has packed a punch in those 10 minutes 🙂 I loved that it started and ended with the bread pudding!

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          1. Yeah fiction are two inspired from real life. Creative people are so sensitive and observant they keep on working to relate fiction to reality.

            No doubt end has taken away the entire pain of 30 years.

            How feeble she resist on the name of cancellation return tickets…it’s woman nature I belive.

            It’s your hobby to write on movies ?….


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