[Cont..] Keep it simple!

Let me try again, the K(eep) I(t) S(hort) & S(imple) way.

I don’t think life is all that complicated. Actually it is the reverse, it is quite simple. But a lot of us end up confused because of various reasons we experience around or within us. The problem arises when many such confused souls converge. They begin to empathize with each other, and mistake the first confused soul who mustered up the courage to speak up in the first place as the deep thinker!!

Does this make sense?

A further problem arises when I need to confront these confused souls turned popular deep thinkers! It requires a lot of tact to tell them, hey these are all normal confusions! But then, their egos may play up, since they are by now put on a pedestal as the deep thinker! What should I do then? I do nothing. I keep my mouth shut, write a post that sounds complicated, and then try to rewrite it the KISS way 😀

The end.


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34 thoughts on “[Cont..] Keep it simple!”

      1. Yes that’s why I said it depends on your principles too.. The more stronger and noteworthy your principles are the more wonderful your life would be .. As you said on the firm grounds..

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        1. bad boy! Listening to all of you I made Poppy read it, and that boy made perfect sense of all of it .. you people are just pulling my leg is something I know! 🙂

          But finding partners in misery is easier than the other category!


            1. oh ya I forgot, he was trying to decipher the thoughts of his digestive tract! 😀 or that he lives with a sister who is permanently damaged in the head 😛


  1. You’re funny! Writing it the KISS way is the most versatile and interesting way to keep it simple, but if you would have mentioned KISS as the title, people would have been intrigued to see the word *get super excited* *perhaps hide their phone from public* then learn to keep it simple! 😂😂😂

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  2. I agree many things are normally simple yet our attitude towards them make it more complicated. I always make sure if i face the complexity i’ll be following Hamlet’s dilemma to get the answer – ‘ To be or not to be and decide quickly’ 😀

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    1. There are many times we are in a fix and hamlet does come into play. But take time and take a decision knowing all as many pros and cons or just go by the gutt! The gutt never usually fails for me.. But both …

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  3. Yes now that is the mantra but the problem is that in spite of knowing we sometimes make it complicated. . By adding the What If to our simple way..

    Otherwise as the lady says in the movie 3 idiots .. The nose does not come in between a KISS.. 😀😀

    So yes totally agree keep it short and simple…😀

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