[Cont…] Between the cup & the lip 

continued from here: 

The sibling after sufficient rest and chocolates, (he had blacked out for few seconds a couple of hours ago)

S: chech?

Me: Yes

S: what if my sixth sense* has been activated now.

Me: could be

S: What’s the time?

Me: 18.11

S: 1+8+1+1 is eleven

Me: 🤔

S: it is not 😑

Me: we’ll faint and try once again, what say 😇😎 may be I’ll knock you out.😇

S: yes! 😂

I’m just glad the boy is back up, unhurt, and I was nearby to break his fall! Still jittery from the episode, I am. Not been the best of weekends for the both of us, we have been down with some tiresome fever and home alone!!  Big hugs to all of you who tried to reach out through calls and messages after the earlier post. Will reply in a bit when I have a level head.

*The sixth sense bit is a crucial episode in a Mammooty starrer Malayalam film, Iyer the Great, where the protagonist’s sixth sense is activated when he looks down from a tall tree and falls! Guess we are filmy family that way! 😀


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