between the cup & the lip

She came, sat down by the table, the next I knew was my mother was falling sideways! If my dad hadn’t the presence of mind to keep his hand at the corner that instant, she would have smashed right into that sharp wooden corner. That was the first I knew the body becomes stone heavy when it faints.

Circa 2010, Onam holidays.Together we cooked up the elaborate vegetarian sadhya as is the practice in the central parts of Kerala, decorated the veranda with a small flower carpet, and sat down with our cups of payasam after enjoying the lunch. Amma went down with a cold soon after. By the time she had woken up around coffee time, she was blocked all over! What better opportunity than this, Dada and I made her inhale like she makes us do all the time we go down with a cold (I know, evil us). We let her sleep the whole evening until the table was set for dinner. Food was the last thing on her mind, but she came and sat at the table to give us company. That’s when she fainted and fell sideways!!!!

It is pretty unnerving when you see your mother fall like that, and then be unconscious, turn blue, and refuse to wake up for few seconds! It was only a few seconds, but in those few seconds, Dada and I knew how precious this woman was to the both us. We rigorously rubbed her palms and feet, sprinkled water on her face, and when the woman finally woke up she asks, “stop being kids you two, I’m already down with a cold, the water will make it worse.” MJ was back! We just hugged her tight! and after we put her to bed narrated to her what transpired!

Our ever so jovial family ENT doctor who always knows there is some story whenever we turn up in front of him asked for the scoop. The last time we went to him thinking Amma had cancer because she had felt a lump some where in her throat! The entire night until we slept after she discovered it dada, she and I discussed the colour of the wigs we would buy and the hairstyles she could spot if at all… the doc laughed out so loud during that consultation, he said it is just some lymph accumulation, what do we do about the wigs now! :P. This time round, that passage between her ear and her nose was blocked for that little while. (or if there are any doctors here, they can help me with an explanation). Something similar happened a while ago! I can sit and joke about it now, but an hour ago when I was full of glee after a merry chat with a merry bunch, I heard him call che-chi!


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