Blame the neighbour & not me for the post :D

I was sitting by the table at my laptop reading some of your posts this morning, listening to some of my favourite Mohanlal songs like this one:

when suddenly I get this smell of fish fry! (These past three days, hunger has been the last thing on my mind. But for lunch today, I felt like Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biriyani from a particular restaurant, ordered, got it delivered, had a little, and majority of it is safely stored for some other food friendly day!) So you can understand I was not hungry jealous of the fish fry next door or downstairs or where it was coming from πŸ˜€ But that fish fry or the smell of that fish fry brought these thoughts up…. Blame the neighbour and not me for the post πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

The smell of frying fish would be heavenly deliciously blissful for a fish lover, or most people from the coast but it would be atrociously irritating almost suppressing them to take a breath for more than a handful of non-piscitarians. They could even go far as change their kitchen locations accordingly (I’ve heard, source: a friend), “so that the smell of the freshly prepared sambar for instance will not get entangled in mid-air with the smell of say a well marinated fish fryπŸ˜› (it is popularly believed that an excellent sambar has a pinch of prawn powder in it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ shshshshsh)

My current room in the hostel is very near to the mess hall, it is almost above the mess at an angle diagonal to it, (if you want to try do a mental to understand the space) … sometimes the smells of some spices equals memories of home, brings back memories of food eaten well, up to the uvulaπŸ˜›.

These are the times when MJ would say, (literal translations, mind you…) know your stomach and eat, why overeat because you love something.. the logic does not work at all most of the time and MJ knows that…. and I wait for that burrrrrrppp to release the tension inside… do sometimes it is a very long wait…)

or some foods just wasted away (not many a time) (at those times, the food finds a place in the neighbour’s (MJ :P) plate :)), or some bad memories like the radish chutney once that accompanied a plate of ultra soft idlis in the train while I was travelling to Bangalore once… such a let down that morning it was! the sourness of the raddish was so overpowering, I couldn’t even have the ldli which were drenched in them.!!😦😦

The first room I stayed in this hostel was bang above the kitchen of the hostel. There were days when chicken was being cooked, tasty to eat but almost all the time, I was welcomed by the sharp ‘stench’ of garlic in huge quantities, whenver opened the door to my room that I have fallen backwardsπŸ˜›πŸ˜›Agarbatis/incense sticks came to the rescue, light a stick and almost after some time, the garlic was camouflaged by its fragrance

It seems jasmine the flower has the quality to absorb smells, one of my ex roommates used to buy a little bunch and keep it in the lab so that it absorbed the smells of shoes, the socks, and raincoats, and bags, and armpits, unwashed clothes and perfumes… ! A thought that immediately came to mind is a scene from the movie, Tomb Raider… jasmine, at the entrance to the temple in Cambodia

Smells and fragrances…then….


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63 thoughts on “Blame the neighbour & not me for the post :D”

        1. I’m not that big a fish fan, but I do come from a family who loves their fish, but it can be very tasty and addictive! the only thing is I need to wash hands and brush teeth after having a fish meal πŸ˜€ (OCD me πŸ˜€ :P)

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    1. haaha! cook/buy or fly down to Bombay, I can give you some Chicken Biriyani, or we can go knock at my neigbhour’s door and ask for some fish.. invite ourselves too πŸ˜€


  1. Bikramjit is on a roll today…so many choices to eat! I posted a Paneer Frankie pic on my blog a while ago. πŸ˜›

    I’m a vegetarian, so sorry, the fish smell is intolerable for me. Did people come to your room to know the menu for the day Pinsy? 😁

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            1. I have grown up eating vegetarian food with every meal, and cannot think of a meal without a vegetable dish or a pulse.. ! but there are exceptions! like this friend who came to me and said, add turmeric to the omletter because that is how it is made, because he had it like that in the hostel, where as I don’t follow any strict or fast rules while makes eggs.. ! πŸ˜€ acquired tasters think have a problem that way is what I think! (don’t know.. )

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              1. Acquired taste…i like that term. For me its more of an inspiration, to make something i saw or tasted somewhere. I don’t mind mixing unconventional ingredients and flavours to give my dishes a Varsh touch. πŸ˜†

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                1. Varsh, when a vegetarian who is brought with the idea of you should be never be going near a anything remotely meaty or fishy or eggy begins to acquire a taste, the first taste kind of sticks I think.. (totally my version, spend time with so many in the hostels.. so observations) whereas, trying out and innovating is a different ball game

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                  1. Hmmm…may be. I’m one of them..trained to stay away from meat or fish…not inclined to get an acquired taste as of now. Let’s see. ☺


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