When People Become Habits …

She’s this chubby little cute thing who was sitting beside me at the adjacent system in the lab, muttering to herself about some thing random. There were others who were making fun of her. I was new to this place, this was my second day in the department. She and I took the same courses that semester, we started talking about the readings, and assignments. We started having this routine of walking back to the hostel for snacks after class. Gradually, I started visiting her room, she came to mine, we used to sit on opposite sides of a table in the library and do our work so much so that the librarians would ask where is your friend today if we went alone. One semester down, 15 days into my month long break, she calls me and says, “Come back, I miss the walk and the talk.” I too missed being around her for all the chubby giggly girlish sisterly fun. D for me is that! She would have just returned from the department to take rest in the hostel, I wouldn’t have gone to the department at all that day. I’ll go knock on her door, pull her out and say, I haven’t signed today, come. And she comes, just like that, tiredness forgotten. Apart from my three, she is one of those few people I take this kind of extra freedom with somebody I can call at any hour to share an idea, and she in turn will be just as pepped up as I am, or she can say, I’m feeling lonely today, let’s have a pajama party at my place or I’m going mad woman, I’m going to rant, listen to me. or hug me! In the last few years, we have watched cricket matches on the big screen, attended concerts, fooled around doing nothing, let’s go to marine drive at midnight kind of urges, hit Mumbai roads on Ganesh Chaturthy and dahi handi every year walking the streets, make me understand what Husserl is saying, why does this man have to write so cryptic! By the end of this year, she and I may go different ways, living in different cities. I’ll miss this woman of mine like crazy, miss that corner in her room where I plonk down and talk, miss her love for Darjeeling tea when she makes me my cup of coffee, our shared love for gummy bears dipped in nutella spread, will miss shopping with her! when people become habits …


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38 thoughts on “When People Become Habits …”

  1. I guess everything is temporary. No one stays in your life forever. There is this saying in Buddhism that says everything is Shanik, I.e, everything is momentary. But we find happiness in these small little moments. Good Morning Ash.

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  2. I have a friend like that. Actually, I’ve had several over my lifetime. I’ve come to understand that there are seasons in our lives when we are blessed with a special kind of connection with another person. Paths may diverge, but if and (hopefully) when they intersect again, we pick up right where we left off, if only for a short visit. What a blessing!

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  3. That’s how it is with your best friends, isn’t it? Some people come into our lives and we bond instantly, getting so habituated to them, that the mere thought of parting ways because of anything gives us sleepless nights! I, too, have such friends, with whom I have been since donkey’s years. We live miles away from each other, and wish we could go back into the past, when we did almost everything together! What fun days those were!
    Cute post! 🙂

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    1. that’s an absolutely cute way of putting things down Shilpa. In this age of social media, I think it should not be a problem, but the everyday physical presence and being around, doing all that.. that! loads of hugs coming your way.. ❤


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