Almost nightmarish today has been, though the day started off with a lovely walk among the greens, in the backdrop of the hills, clouds creating that misty effect.. that idiot truck driver spoilt it all! And soon after I was running a temperature of 102! Crazy day it has been where I have been just in bed, phone switched off, unable to think clearly anger seething trying make sense of what in the world is my body and my mind thinking of working in tandem to pull me down when I’m home alone! But I guess a half a paracetamol did the trick and I am back the back! Amazing to be walking on two feet with a lighter head and no pains in any part of the body, and the mind purged..  What remains then, I want a silk.. And that will seal the day for me. 

What have you all been up to today.. I’m sitting with ears open to listen to all your tales. For those who can read Malayalam, guffaw! Very difficult to translate the joke people! 


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77 thoughts on “Today!”

                    1. Hahaha… The movie names he comes up with is pretty hilarious. Like karzzzzzz with a hundred z’s 😛

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                    2. Haha.. His latest movie, almost all songs are breakup wala. It was released in feb I guess. We were in goa, and our taxi driver was going on and on, playing the same 4 songs from that movie, in loop. We finally asked him to stop it or we’ll get down from the taxi. 😀

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    1. Trying to rest, and follow doctor’s advice, paracetamol every 6 hours! getting back to my own self .. Thanks for asking Caprio.. how have you been today.. wrote anything?


        1. quora, that’s one place I have resisted posting for so long. I log in and log out like that! but go searching for some beautiful writing! Getting soup for dinner.. not hungry as such..


                    1. to which I would say, the grass is always greener .. I love the rains! everything about it! still.. makes my heart go a little sad when it goes on non stop like that for days together..

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          1. I had quora app on my phone which I deleted within a month. I don’t know I wasn’t very keen on reading stuff out there. But, guess what I totally forgot about beautiful writing out there. I missed out on that. 😐

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          1. I could learn only two words of Malyali though being besties with a Mallu, staying put at his place for most of the day and days altogether. ‘Neende perana’, that too sounded so weird that his sister made me speak more often to laugh.

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            1. tsk tsk! Malayalam is the language, Malayali is the people! and it would be “ninte perenda” it is a twisted language D, a stress too much of a letter the meaning changes drastically 😀 😀

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              1. See this is why I was always a laughing stock at his place 🙈
                Btw I had enjoyed Di’s wedding to the core, though 17 then I had received so many matches, which I got to know from Aunty. Mallu’s mein lambe ladke kam milte shayad.

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                  1. Hehehehe bhala bura abhi meri language mein sun ke main kya kar pata hoon 😰🙈
                    I’m a messy person, would anyway had a messed up life irrespective of the girl I’d married. Thank God for the one I’m married for 20 years now, has become a die hard habit, wohi jhel sakti hai mujhe mere flaws ke sath.

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