Angry! very

I came here today to write something really nice.. to wish a friend on her very important day! But then I’m just sooper pissed now. How can somebody just decide to take somebody else’s life like that. I was kind of wobbly when the attack on the Brussels airport happened. I was there sipping on a coffee at that Star Bucks looking into every line of shops, people gazing, reading a book, waiting for my time to check in. I could trace that path in my head where people would have run amok, where they fell, where they came up from the lift, the glass shattering. It was torture. To top it all, I was in that country immediately after the Paris attacks then, I was part of that lockdown, looking back now after so many months, it seems like a joke I can crack over an evening banter after dinner under the moonlight to posterity! But the horror of it all..empty roads, people in fear, .. And today, though I didn’t wake up to Nice, I feel so horribly angry at the world around! at people who manipulate other gullible minds, who take up weapons for some cooked up cause. Makes me wonder at times when in the world will I be provoked and brainwashed enough to take up a weapon and kill.. will I? Like that day in the hostel when I pulled out the regulator of the ceiling fan on a cold wintry night when my roommate was indulging in unwanted spite and drama!! I don’t really know.. ! Scary thought! My friend will do well, I’m sure, but the post has to wait till another day!



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30 thoughts on “Angry! very”

  1. I know. It makes me very angry too, that someone decides to take a life they have no right to take. It was the first news I saw after I woke up, and that irked me a lot. Brussels, Paris, Nice, Baghdad… life matters, and it’s so despicable to see someone decide otherwise.

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  2. It is all getting a bit too much to take. Like a bad dream that just wouldn’t end. Wish these people knew that killing innocent people is proof of their own cowardice.
    Don’t get brainwashed Pinsy. Our world needs happy souls like you.

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      1. Oh god..
        So many people .. sometimes it makes me wonder maybe there is no god.

        And god is with them only like the lorry driver who killed so many.. He has god..

        Damn damn


  3. We don’t like it – we get angry. We can’t like everything, so just turn around and keep doing the good you Can. Each one needs to think this – Turn around from your anger. Hope this reaches especially those who turn their anger into a killing spree and violent acts. Do good, do good, do good! and keep at it. God bless us all.

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