if I have to banish MNCs from my life..

If I want to take away the MNCs out of my life, let’s start with ….

  1. Can’t use the lift/elevator that takes me up to my room
  2. No Crompton Greaves (mm Indian firm, but as somebody just pinged, we’ll still have fans if they stop selling outside, fingers’ crossed :D.. ) ceiling fans – I have to get used to being sweaty hot!
  3. No Philips Tube lights – need to get used to working when the sun is up and about!
  4. No smart phones! – !! I’ll have a lot of free time on my hands now that the phone is..
  5. No Android!  because Google is or – all in the same bandwagon..
  6. No Google – no Word Press – will I have to stop blogging.. gulp! –
  7. What about dictionaries – Publishers are also..
  8. Will books go away too.. !!!
  9. Note books.
  10. No Gas Stove – because Prestige is …
  11. What about matchboxes.. are they, or are they not, if I want to make fire, ..
  12. I love my bread! 😦 local baker.. I love that scent of the bread at noon time when they make it ..
  13. No more silk … will have to plant cocoa trees
  14. Toothbrush! and tooth paste! – I’ll have to shut up permanently then!
  15. May need to be on foot because buses come from volvo or isuzu
  16. May need to contact the local shoemaker, hope he has elves to help him .. because.
  17. Can’t fly as Airlines are  .. may need to take swimming lessons and strength training seriously from now on!!!
  18. Just may be I can travel by trains .. but the parts are made of ..
  19. Add to the list.. let’s see how mundane MNCs have become in our lives..

In conversation with a friend, on MNC are devils in disguise! #inspired! in the background – Made in India

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48 thoughts on “if I have to banish MNCs from my life..”

    1. Ayyo Bike, I was never even thinking of the videshi swadeshi bit at all.. I was just thinking about how many they are and if at all I decide to throw them away then what the scene would be like .. Simple😇


  1. I hate MNCs too but can’t do without the convenience of Nescafe, the sweetness of Cadbury, the medicines of GlaxoSKF and of course the bathing pleasure of Unilever. They are intrinsically part of our lives and provide goods and services of a fixed standard. And also have processes in place that handle complaints and bad service

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  2. I didnt even know that some of these brands are foreign!Have been using them for so long that I assumed they were desi!.That really makes me wonder why we dont have enough local brands as substitutes for these foreign ones

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  3. A world without MNCs eh? Would be a much more peaceful life indeed! We can then sit in the forest with monkeys and other animals and birds entertaining us. Truly one with nature we will be then 😛

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