the hyderabadi me …

  1. the first time I was away from home, and managed on my own …
  2. the time I started travelling alone …
  3. where I fell head over heels in love …
  4. the pillion rider on her kinetic …
  5. when the books started to occupy every little square space in my room
  6. where I picked up that ‘ra’ to end my lines …
  7. started to love ground nut in my coconut chutney …
  8. the time I learned to cook for my roommate …
  9. my love for gutti venkaya kura & any purpley brinjal begins …
  10. spotting Charminar from atop the Golkonda Fort …
  11. watching the light and sound show over 21 times  …
  12. when I discarded my 6 inch heels for these comfortable flats
  13. became so very comfortable in my blue jeans and black shirts, the rest of the wardrobe went back home..
  14. started using sun screen and a cap to save my skin..
  15. waking up at 7am to realize nothing opens here until it is 11.



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pins & ashes

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44 thoughts on “the hyderabadi me …”

                    1. “and ever so in love that I keep coming back often”

                      When you been here, Achu?! And that without letting me know?!?!?! 😮 We should talk sometime soon!

                      Liked by 1 person

  1. Never been to your city, but have many friends from HYD. Well, come to that, haven’t been anywhere except Bombay and Benaras! 😀

    But, loved the mouthwatering discussion above!


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