Comment Highs: When two of us here planned a trip to Andromeda on this blog on a hunch, I went around fb and whatsapp asking “game for a trip with me to Andromeda, will pick you up in 5” and the plan was on, no questions asked food packed!

crazy thought: when somebody says park your space ship in the field next door, give me another 10. #myeversocrazyfriends

scary thought: when somebody thinks the same thoughts I do, #worldherewecome

funny thought: when somebody thinks I am a man in disguise! #heheehe

thoughtful thought: when somebody pings to ask haven’t seen you this morning, still in andromeda today #awmylovelies

smiley thoughts: when somebody asks to change my dp to a smiling one #dramaqueenawakened

lovely thought: when somebody is (acts) surprised at a surprise #superb

surprise thoughts: when my sister comes by to comment on a blog post #sisterlylove




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36 thoughts on “Random..”

          1. Lol true… How about mars bars. 😉
            Since we had a trail run yesterday, I suggest we take few hajmolas too. Looks like that intergalactic food I ate yesterday has created some digestion issues. :p


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