Thinking, shd i, shd i not!


when a certain somebody sends you these! 😀 

What is everybody reading, these days..


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74 thoughts on “Thinking, shd i, shd i not!”

    1. As in Dilbert ?
      I love the history of the two wars, any writer in particular or is it a collection of essays you have collected over time.
      Re-started this time from the big book of “history of the fire and ice,” a big book, hard binding, book jacket, glossy pages, lovely pictures, and all kinds of information.

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      1. Yup, Dilbert. My third book from Scott Adams. The history is a military history of WW1 by W H Lidelle Hart. I think you can see both in the bookreads widget on my WP page. 🙂
        I was a fan of LOTR, but GoT somehow didn’t capture the imagination as much. Maybe because everyone you grow to like is going to die at the end of every season on the TV adaptation. 🙂

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        1. GoT hasn’t captured mine either, though I have been reading and hearing and discussing it.. somehow. let’s see, giving it another try! 🙂

          Will look up your Goodreads list! Reminds me I need to update mine!

          Gn H

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  1. I am reading about the inland revenue rules. . Taxation 😂😂😂
    Nothing to boast about…

    You have fun reading the books.. I need to start watching game of thrones..have heard a lot of good things about the show…

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    1. Just went and checked on goodreads what it is all about.. FBI thriller eh! I love thrillers, let me see where I can get hold of a copy.. Do come back and say how it goes ..


              1. Haha.. So, u r doing your phd is it? Read in one of your posts, you mentioned something about thesis submission.
                I am trying for higher studies too. Hopefully I get through next year. I have to pass exams first. 😐

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                  1. Haha.. 🙂 I wrote gate once, dint get through. Planning to write it again next year. Waiting for another one – IITB-Monash. They select without gate scores. I have a BE degree in ec. What about you?

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                    1. Wow. You are in IITB MONASH?
                      I applied once, got selected in the first round, second round was interview and I got a mail saying not selected. 😐
                      But that doesn’t stop me from trying again. 🙂
                      Been going through a bad time from past two years, so may be I should wait for miss luck to help me out.

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                    2. I am almost done with the book. Read 12 of them, they are really good. I ll mail them to you sometime today 🙂

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                    3. Comics as in comics.. the tintin, phantom, marvel, dc, xmen, captain america, graphic novels.. kinds – book historian is the other fashionable term 😀


                    4. Oh wow. 🙂 I am sorry for that dumb question. My brother is doing his PhD in IITM. Sometimes he speaks things that goes way above my head. He uses short forms. So I thought may be you too said comics for economics. :p sorry

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                    5. The place I stay right now, is a jungle too. :p suburbs of Bangalore. To be precise, near electronics city. No leopards but until few years ago, there we’re rabbits here. We still have guests now, mister and miss snake- cobra and python.

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              1. Nice meeting you here Aswathi 🙂
                You know, I had a classmate in school whose name was Aswathi and she had curly hair. Kangana type curls

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    1. ah! I realized that, but then I find this more interesting that the book proper for some reason could be my bias towards glossy pages and hard bound jacketed books 🙂 How have you been Ash..

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