me and my big mouth!

Discussions on religion and god, somehow always happen in the middle of the night. And they tend to go on and on and on until breakfast time. One such night, I happened to tell my wing mate in the hostel while I was filling my bottles with water, that The Bible is an edited volume. absolutely in the flow of the conversation and not as a teaser, trust me. And there I had said it, and I was up till 8 in the morning discussing a range of topics from spirituality to religion to sacrilege to belief. We went through the books, the crusades, the americans, the histories, 2-3 more joined as we were now sitting in the hostel mess dicussing, my 3 bottles and her 2 resting on the table….  makes me wonder at times, why in the world do I open my mouth to say such things to people who just can’t see beyond their belief/faith. But no, I need to push it in somehow πŸ˜€ sit back and listen to their thoughts and rehearse mine. 

one of those vicious circles …



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68 thoughts on “me and my big mouth!”

                    1. Hahaha, my friend who had never seen any season before started with game of thrones. He was in his room for 3 days until he came out watching all the five seasons. I gave him the food for all the time in his room. When he came out three room after three days, he saw the sunlight for the first time in three days. 😝😝

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  1. Religion and God!! You can talk about it whole night?

    I know nothing about these topics. One Brit colleague was once asking me about Hinduism. He thinks Lord Vishnu is an avatar of Jesus! I know for sure that is incorrect but unfortunately I do not know much about Vishnu’s reincarnation etc to debate. Ok, so tell me, Was my colleague right?

    Also, another time two ladies came home and they wanted to preach Christianity to me but their introductory lines were so scary that I had to very politely decline their kind offer.

    Btw, on a different note, Just to let you know, I read all your posts but can comment only from my laptop. When I use the Ipad or my phone, Net neutrality deters me from commenting ( this I realised today) . That’s why I am unable to comment ok, but throughout the day I read your posts on my mobile phone and feel happy happy happy.

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    1. Net neutrality again! Why is it bugging you like that.. Me happy happy to know you are reading pia.. 😍😍😍😍😍

      Don’t ask, I’m am like foot in mouth situations always.. Will have some such to say and then they would turn into some religion nazy! Don’t ask..

      Patna nahi yaar.. Could be, an avatar.. The basic core of a these religions are the same, the trinity .. Just that people see them as different sources as they were evolved in different places! That is how I take.. Oh these Christian people who come along can be tedious! Phew! I run away! Or start of one of my gyaans so that they’ll run



  2. Btw by scary I intended to mean something I coul not rasp. Their introductory lines about Christianity was dating back to many many many years and my brain which is the size of a peanut was losing track of the eras and times that they were talking about. That was what I meant by scary.

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            1. πŸ˜€ Good Night! See you tomorrow in the blogosphere.

              Please would you write (one of the days, only if you would like to) about one of the happiest memories of your school days? that should be a delight to read.

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  3. Errrm… for me, any debate happens at night πŸ˜€ A few days ago, my sister and I started discussing something (I really have forgotten the source material now) Then the matter shifted to thrillers, to Sheldon, to Patterson, to Bengali writers, to horror films, to witchcraft, witch hunting and it was almost 4.30 am when we finally stopped at Egyptian Gods!!

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  4. Religion these days is a big no no .. you never know who you might offend .. people have become very sensitive on this issue.

    I usually stay away from this because I have some strong beliefs .. and I too end up saying somethig which probably are some hard facts ..but the problem is the other person does not take I that way.

    People sometimes are blinded when it comes to religion..

    Its like we moan about racism abroad but look at our own religion it is riddled with racism our gods our priests our leaders.. I mean one has to just read some stories which are supposedly true.. yet if you look at them calmly and think about it we can see a lot of wrong.. but god cannot do wrong 😁😁

    So I stay away… It was interesting one of the rules while transporting a prisoner was not to grt in discussion on religion.. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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    1. The longer the comment the more I love it. But as you said, religion is a very touchy issue.. Can’t predict who gets hurt and to what extent, better to indulge in such discussion with caution!


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