Wish for something & it may come true by EOD

in picture tales..

Degree Coffee by the Yard came to me as part of a book exchange programme in one of the FB groups I am part of. I was reading In those days there was no coffee and wanted to continue with my reading of books on Madras Chennai. That’s when Jeeena and James decided to send me Tamarind Tree and Degree Coffee.

Degree Coffee as you can see has a brilliant cover, me & my group of friends fell in love with it as soon as I opened the parcel that came that afternoon.., we decided then and there to draw it out over the weekend. As we were walking back to our hostels after dinner that night, we happened to see the campus immersed in painting a portion of a road for an art festival.. Throwing away any thought of tiredness of the day to the wind, we joined them and painted the cover pic tweaking it a little as our contribution:) and made memories.. somewhere or the other all of had held a brush to paint on paper in our lives.. but this experience of painting on tar was exhilarating.. do you see our little bit in the whole pic? the theme was childhood, we related it to hamara bajaj and childhood vacation as we had to paint out the cover pic.. 🙂

Wishes do come true, may be not in the same kind we imagined. We didn’t have to wait till the weekend to fulfill our wish, it was done before the end of the day… 😀

the overall birds eye view pic courtesy: the campus photographer, the rest, our phones 🙂


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        1. And Anand is one of my regular watch.. I love that film .. 🙂 and the songs.. the subtlety Hrishikesh Mukherjee has brought in.. Manna Dey yes.. & Salil Choudhury na..?


  1. The good thing one likes about the Pins and ashes post, is the number of comments, readers pin to your posts, sometimes so much so that it is equivalent to reading a few more posts…Lovely, enjoy the adulation Ash…

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