I’m ready to take anyone to court if they say it is f***ing interesting! 😇 Unlike say sexy or awesome it seems to be an all inclusive word to express love, mirth, excitement, frustration, victory.. what not! I’m pretty sure SK didn’t remotely mean anything around the act of rape per se when he used it. Seems like his usage backfired! Like the f word, the r word is sadly being used in popular parlance as a synonym for “thrashing/defeat” insensitive, yes! Who is, is the question. I feel for the language! Irritated I am, when the vocabulary of people is limited to these words!

Yours truly,  A lover of the language! Daily Prompt: Autonomous

Disclaimer: SK didn’t tell me to write this post! He is not sponsoring my blog, this is not a promotion for Sultan 😀😂😁😎😅



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23 thoughts on “Spoketh! ”

    1. America’s Got Talent 2016 Tape Face Incredibly Inventive Comedy Act Full Audition Clip S11E01
      This is what I sent you! or search for boy with the tape on his face or tape face. Loved it totally! 🙂

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              1. Hahahaha, joy is toh sleeping now. Had his lunch and now sleeping. The only thing he will learn now will be to control his excitement when he sees his other friends or I will lose an arm.

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  1. I don’t know who made the word(s) such a casual thing that we use it liberally without thought now. Silliness, I tell you!

    It takes the spotlight when people like SK use it, but we don’t make a hulla when others around us use it casually. Instead, we laugh.

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  2. I like the new look of the blog.

    Tell me the truth? this post is to promote Sulthan right? hush..hush…no, I will not tell anyone…

    Coming to the use of f word or other such words, yes it is annoying when people use it a lot. I was at the waiting area of one of the London train stations one day . A young Indian lad was standing next to me. He was on the phone to someone. First of all the look was very fake ( yo yo types, but I’ll ignore that as I dont want to sound judgemental), he was sporting a fake accent too (ok voh bhi maaf) but what was annoying was he was using ‘f’ word constantly – ” I am waiting for the fffing train, waiting is ffffin annoying innit?, my fee (feet) hurts, I fffing tripped over the fffing bin “. I was not at all pleased by his “FFFing” vocabulary…but just ignored it.

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    1. Shhh .. Promotion shhshshsh 😂😂😎😂😎😂

      I hear you woman, On campus, on the notice boards it like hostel 7 raped h-2 after some game!! I mean what in the world! There is a phd thesis in English/socio btw on the word rape! Can’t remember the name of the uni… Ho! I have heard, I have cringed and wanted to slap! I have erased the word off the board many times! If it was a friend I would have like spoken! .. But what to do with strangers! Thinking of learning kung fu! 😎 protection ke liye kaam ayega!

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  3. Seriously, at times in a line one says more F**** This is bad, none proves any point or excitement thru it’s usage. Have u watched AIB roast. If not do so and it’s all F**** at times too irritating with this word. Disclaimer is the one interesting not promoting for sultan 😀

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    1. I watched it with much ado actually.. 🙂 There is fun in a roast, thought the Indian one was ya so-so. For my love of Arjun Kapoor. But seriously, people should learn when to use these terms is what I think. I am not averse to it, but ya I wonder sometimes there is a lot left unsaid because of these words! 😦

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