Running with kites and ice candy

13439179_10209538624720524_6918929968065842659_nOf all the books I have read so far, I will not re-read the Kite Runner! It took a month or more for me to get out of that book after I finished reading it. In addition to it being one of my longest reads I’ve undertaken so far. The trauma Hosseini describes was getting to me so much and becoming so real, that I had to stop reading, take a break, do some thing for a fresh vibe, and then get back. Sometimes I wonder why I took the pains to finish reading it after all the catharsis it made me go through. But it is with some books, like it is with some people, they entice you.. and drag you back into them, and then make you feel the pain!

The Ice Candy Man comes a close second. Earth wasn’t as cathartic as the novel, even though Aamir Khan played his devious part pretty well. But the read, as a standalone as well as companions to Kartography and Noor, spelled trouble for me. I’ve already re-read it once. But that would be it, I guess. Urvasi Bhutalia’s The Other Side of Silence can make up the third which is a collection of memoirs of people who experience the Partition! Let me add Manto’s short story Khol Do to this list. The link takes you to the story online!

#MondayMusingsGoes without saying that reading experience of these pieces is such because they are written really well. It affects the senses it targets in the reader! Some books need to read just once, their impression lasts for a lifetime.

If I could unread a book so I could read it again for the first time, give me Harry Potter – Book 1, I would love to be mesmerized again entering Diagon Alley and Platform 10 3/4 at King’s Cross Station, give me a Phantom, or Tintin or Batman! The fact is, I never get tired of Harry Potter or these comics, or Blyton stories, or Alice in Wonderland, or Midnight’s Children or…  I’ve lost count of the many times I’ve re-read them even when I have known the story from any where in the book. I’ll add Shaffer’s epistolary Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society and Cussler’s Trojan Odyssey, the book that introduced me to who else but the ever so dashing, Dirk Pitt.

July begins with books! Re-read, un-read or your Current Read. Let’s makes a list.


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14 thoughts on “Running with kites and ice candy”

    1. Waiting for the film, Inferno. Let’s see how it goes. Plus it has Irrfan Khan. You bring back memories of reading Da Vinvci Code! It was fun it was..📍. Digital Fortress, I can re-read that anytime! Which Dan Brown, Divya? All of his or anyone in particular.

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      1. All of them! The suspense is amazing no doubt but what I particularly love about Dan Brown’s books is the fact that one can travel places….Rome, Florence, Paris, Spain! It’s an added bonus and I fall in love with the story & the place it happens every time!
        If you can suggest any other books like these, I would really love that:)

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        1. There are so many I read up after that.. I liked this one called the Rose Labyrinth.. and some Judas tales.. but lots and lots of books, I have picked up a few more, haven’t started reading them yet.

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  1. Kite runner is one of my most favourite books!

    I want to re-read naughtiest girl in school once again as if I have never read it. Very special memories associated with it.I can’t wait to start Enid Blyton series for Bambi. Hoping I can read those books with her again!

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  2. I would un-read and re-read both Hosseini novels. Yes, the trauma was/is so real, but if I were to not un-read it, and re-read it, I’d know which parts to skip, and there’s a good possibility that I might do that. That’s an injustice to the novel. And both are worth re-reading. Not many books compare to those gems.

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    1. mm.. ! I know exactly which parts to skip in Casual Vacancy though! 😀 Hosseni is .. I think I have done justice to all his books, the thought is to justice to my own self.. 🙂


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