Certain things I loved writing at other Tls

I grew up with lizards in a way, Kerala houses have many of them watching over the different rooms and yards at night, eating away at the insects, almost like the watchman guarding. And then I came to Hyderabad. There were these black ugly looking bigger versions of the house lizards, who loved sitting near the tube light. They looked obese to me! creepy and scary. A friend of mine once came and said she had a tetanus shot because a lizard bit her! we laughed it off at first until she showed the bite imprints from its teeth. I came to Bombay and met a few of the girls I now call friends. Every time they spot a lizard in their rooms, they are willing to run up to the third floor where I stay.. knock fervently and be extra friendly πŸ˜€ I become the lizard shoo-er, haven’t thought of killing one yet, but little do they know, I may also be scared on one, but a little less .. definitely no Bawa kind of love towards them — at Rekha’s wall, this morning

Ah! I was once scared of the broken mirror. A hand mirror fell down from my hand when I was in class 3 or 4. The house helps in my maternal house buzzed around about some weird superstition about being unlucky for the the next 7 years. It took a lot from my parents’s side to get that thought out of my head, including breaking small mirrors on purpose. ! two events makes it coincidence, we may but just believe in that case..

Hey A, it is true about the trust factor you started with. But then there are times when the stranger becomes that person we can open out to without inhibitions, who cares after all, we may or may not meet again, with the may not meet part, having a higher valency there. But I think it is with people, some people I feel are empaths by nature they attract others to them to open out. About the sleep bit, crazy it will be with such an on between state. But no sleep is not an option at all. A doctor once told me, sleep whenever the sun is not around because the body automatically goes into a mode to perform certain functions to detox/recuperate only then. There is no use sleeping at 4 am and sleeping till 10 because the moment the sun rises the body may also rise! That said, there was a time I was going through something, I used to get into activities so much so that my body would be so tired by the time I hit the room. So I used to go swim in the morning, swim at night, jog in between ..play something else and work the rest of the others hours, talk to people and by the time I saw bed, I used to go sleep. Not that I had a problem sleeping, but I didn’t want to give my mind a thought about staying awake! A week of this and in was back in order, body, mind soul all .. xx Ash – at the wall

Laziness is very conscious! we would know what’s at stake, but it is a way of resting, recuperating.. nothing much changes if something is a little delayed which is under our purview! – Β at Akhila’s on thoughts of being lazy



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21 thoughts on “Certain things I loved writing at other Tls”

  1. Lizards that enter my bounds are signing their death warrant. At a previous place where I lived, the lizards had started to think the drawing room was their territory. I never heard a lizard hiss/croak before, but these ones would do so whenever anyone entered the room and turned on the lights…..Now I have a zero tolerance policy towards them; they can have the balconies but they should steer clear of the window sills and rooms.

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    1. lizards and then there are pigeons who make such continuous murmurs. like certain songs they need to be heard often to be irritated or addicted to πŸ™‚ Totally understand that steer off my living room policy, H.

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        1. with reactions from the said friends will be more than fun. the panic that breaks out when they spot one, and the way they can sit outside their rooms in the middle of the night, until it has gone! :D:D (I should not be laughing, different people have different fears, they have a fear of the lizard.. )

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          1. Hahahaha, I can imagine it. You know once me and my brother, we taking a panga with a lizard. We were throwing all sorts of things at it. But suddenly it threw off its tail. Only we know how fast we ran away from it. 😝😝

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