When two of my best friends in different years decided to do something so untoward, it just hurt so bad, so badly that I couldn’t bring myself to believe they just did what they did at first.

What happens when we get burnt from people we have trusted like our own selves. Life may stop for a few minutes, maybe a few days! a year may be. Life should go on after that without them. It will hurt, I don’t know where all, but the entire being hurts so badly, we can go down that negative trail and stay there all life long! There are some days I miss my two, there are so many good memories. It hurt of course, really bad! But what is the point in nursing a hurt! I found the idea kind of ridiculous at that time. I moved on! Ridiculously enough I got written at their and their friends’ blogs, to the point where I thought may be I should create a pingback to my about me page about the anti-me self!! πŸ˜€

The thing about people we are very close to is, we can mostly sense their slightest of changes! …. Nothing comes and falls in front of us one fine day like that meteorite falling from the sky… it happens over a period of time, there is always a build up to it… on many times, we know it is coming! But then friends being friends, and being best friends at that, we tend to ignore these these little misses for the greater halo of friendship, love, marriage, as the case may be!! Because often there is always that benefit of doubt, which we give to the people we know, and take away or do not give to people we don’t! That seems to be how friendship works..

so then, what is the course of action after they have hurt us and left! we find self pity! These are like those rare once in a life time moments when we can afford to and people around will actually draw us into a hug :D, if this becomes a habit, well, it just means we are making bad choices! Β  Think of ourselves as creepy crawly earthworms .. being stamped upon, the probability of survival like that ant or that mosquito squashed murderously in our hands.. but life happens, it really does! so it takes you on its own path.. it may help us to ignore this the hurt for a while. But that is all so temporary! But then other friends happen as well, and then gradually, not that I decide I’ll stop being hurt from tomorrow morning at 6:16 am, it begins to heal. we forget! If you ask me, I don’t even remember how they looked like now, it is so long gone and thrown out!

The glad news is, one among my two have returned, see I still say my two, πŸ™‚ that is because I have held them so dear! There is no love loss between us, we talk, she is somebody I just love immensely. It could be that, or that when the hurt washed away, everything else did with it, so that we can start anew. A not so silly something, but that broke us apart, she too wonders why.. that was the last I talked to her then, I refused to respond after! I don’t want the second one to come back ever, it was nasty more than bad! I have wondered what I had missed seeing and knowing in all the years we were friends!

Feeling hurt I think is like passing an exam, it should never be a borderline pass, we should either fail miserably or score a distinction, Because then it is easier to move on, not try to contact them again! or look at their new friends, or read their blogs! (they can do whatever they want, we keep our ground) and stay happy. Of course it is doable! I am an instance!

Daily Prompt: Burn


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39 thoughts on “Burnt!”

          1. Not all are the same , true ! Takes all kinds of people to make this world a wonderfully perfectly imperfect world ….including me ! If all rebuild and retrust, we wouldn’t need prison cells and I’d be calling it Utopia πŸ™‚

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            1. I received this forward today on whatsapp from two people as to why not to trust people online.. don’t give phone numbers, don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t share.. And I was wondering if that was the case, then I wouldn’t ever have any of you in my life now.. ! Sent it to all the online friends I have made online! lol moment!

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                1. Hahaha! Poor you did I make you sound one such.. ! I take my time too.. What in was saying is, the old ones don’t run in the back of my head … As such! They rest in their graves o don’t care if they turn there as long as it is not my heart!

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  1. The truth is we get hurt because we have expectations, being real and not having expectations is almost impossible but understanding the situation, accepting the fact that things don’t ever change because we feel hurt , and moving on is the only way to arise from the ashes.

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    1. yes, that is the core! otherwise why the hurt at all.. we expect them to remain or be.. and when that does not work out, for long, or I don’t once, there is a break! in the relations ..

      like the phoenix, yes.


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