a Dumbbell for every room..


Like in the song, all our bags were packed, we were ready to go, the taxi was honking by the door.. but the door was jammed and its lock refused to let me out! My folks who were outside the room trying the keys, I was locked in! When that did not work it came down to how to break this lock or should we break open the door. but how was the big looming question in front of us! Also it was a choice between who all should go to the airport or shall we all go..

Google images
Google images

These are the times when you look around and think what can be used to get the task done!! in this case, breaking that door open and getting out. The door was the only way out, the windows had grills, so I could not jump down, (even if I did, would have I risked that from the 11th floor) the grills in turn were cages in itself so I could not climb into other rooms of the house. So while they tried the locks from outside, I sat down for a moment and looked around. That’s when I realized this was also the gym room. There was the barbell (I think I would have broken the door open if nothing else worked :P)..  the resistance bands, the yoga mat, the ball! Ya I was sitting on it blobbing up and down, that’s when I found the dumbbells and the dumbbells bars. I took one of the bars and started to attack the lock with it.

Google images
Google images

It was one of those press locks kind of door knobs which had no external screws.. just press and the door gets locked! Three-four hits and there was a hole in the door. The lock gave way from both sides, but the door was jammed!! We saw each other, shook fingers through that hole .

I needed some kind of tweezers to pull out the spring. They passed me the kitchen tongs. it was one adamant spring! but these are the times when you go .. go on, go on, don’t stop. and the door was wide open, after the spring was loosened and three-four kicks from the 3 of the outside.

The joy of a victory under such pressure, because the only other alternative in front of my folks was to leave me in that room and head to the airport! We had a hurrah moment! in no less than 20 minutes, we did it. me from the inside, they from the outside!

The damage, the door has a hole where there was once a lock! Next time, if in such a situation, we have set a target of 15 minutes. But it is in moments like these that we get to know ourselves.. our strengths, our weaknesses, we never realized we had in us or knew about it but did not know the extent of it! Presence of mind, is definitely my plus point, and buckling under pressure is not is proven yet again! Moral of the story! have at least a pair of dumbbells at home, in each room would be more ideal.. comes in handy.. 😛 not just to break open the door… ! 😀


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32 thoughts on “a Dumbbell for every room..”

  1. he he he this reminds me of exactly same situation .. it was ages ago I can still remember .. all the previous day and early morning , we had to somewhere , and first time I saw my dad so angry , all set to go when my sister says she has forgotten here bag inside.. after we locked the house.. and now NO one could find the house key …

    dad got so impatient that he just asked me to kick the door open.. the hilarious part is we got the bags and asked the neighbours to get the door sorted.. and sat in the car only to find the KEYS under the SEAT 🙂 my sister had apparantly locked and went and sat in the car.. 🙂 the keys fell.. she remembered the bag and forgot she had the key 🙂

    the article reminded me of that episode …

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    1. hee hee hee. that is something! I just realized so many things though, shouldering into the door works only when the door has those bolt locks at the edges.. these middle locks takes time!


              1. That could be a good idea sometimes. . Alone do whatever you want to .. blisssssss. ..

                But hey on serious note.. We all should have a escape plan.. sorted. . Just in case something untoward happens. . How do you get out..

                Make a plan .. so in case something happens we just do it.. Instead of thinking what ti do..

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                  1. Just re read my comment I seem to be lecturing.. It seems my job has not got out of me yet.. He he he he he he

                    Hostel doors.. you know I as in hostel all through schooling and college .. but in college for 3 years my door was always open.. I don’t remeber having it shut ever..

                    Everyone would just come in..😀😀😀😀

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  2. I wonder, whats with you and these little moments, I find your life hilarious in all, for you to try,implement,think,act in some different way, finding something new always..awesome I would say

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  3. Darwaaza kholo, darwaaza kholo :-)Have you heard the CID joke – ” Daya Dawaaza thodo ” 😀

    Ok, that was a silly joke, Sorry. Jokes apart, What an adventure! You are clever though.

    If I was in your situation, I would have probably sat there panicking and simply fiddling with the lock rather than coming up with ideas to unlock or break open the lock.

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