Fridays are fun food days! 


there is only so much of mush I can handle in a day! But there is no limit to food pics I can gawk at, keep them coming!

Phone pics | one plus one | breakfast & lunch | Onion & Almond Chutney, if you were wondering what it was. Linking to Mundane Monday Challenge

Me to the Brother: “I’m turning into a decent cook”

Brother (looks bored) to (excited me) Me: “at my expense, my tummy is showing! See” takes in a spoonful !

Me: still excited .. 🦀🐛🐜🐞🐝🕷 chuckling! Skipping hopping jumping ..

Help me with captions people! (The brother is wondering how many burpees in 15 minutes to wash all that away) 😍😘 | Me: still chuckling. May need to keep his burpee count! 20? 😎


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pins & ashes

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11 thoughts on “Fridays are fun food days! ”

  1. Onion and almond chutney? Is this your innovation?

    Pin’s Special Baadam-e-khaas (baadam-e-pyaaz rather :-D)

    ( description: Rich and aromatic, vibrant mild dish with onions and etc etc ingredients cooked with almonds and selection of fresh mild spices ).


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