#FridayReflections on Usain Bolt

bd0ff79573e7e5ad316501e3b6bd1182Me: ” Chatting with you is like walking with a friend of mine who walks so slow, I hold* her hand and pull her with me, in my speed which is like thrice hers .. ”

A: “Chatting with you is like running with Usain Bolt who reaches the finish line even before I could start”

My mother wrote articles on how to bring up hyperactive kids and a difficult daughter because she had one at home in me, she says to vent out how she was sapped while I was growing up & still sapped while I have grown up and around šŸ˜€ Poor MJ! Just may be that is why I get bored of people very easily and people are bored of me too. We just can’t take each other’s pace as we grow fed up with/of each other! šŸ˜€ To be normal then would be to walk like Bolt and not run like him, not hold her hand but walk beside her at her pace, and not fall asleep at the keypad/keyboard while chatting with A (more than once in a while).

I can’t stop laughing even now, after an hour of sleep, a cup of coffee, watching/not admiring the Bombay rain any more, and writing out this post later …that Usain Bolt bit makes me lol. Now that is going back to being me .. šŸ™‚

Write TribeWhat is your Usain Bolt story? we can laugh together, like you laughed out loud at mine..

on a more serious note.. tell me, your thoughts on an idea of a Ā whatsapp group for those of us interested in these kind of random writing quips, punches like an informal impromptu writing group? (I’m borrowing somebody’s else’s idea and voicing it here.. ) the feasibility of it..

The post is written as part of the Write Tribe Friday Reflections prompt: “What does normal mean to you? Is it good or bad to be normal?”

* I hole her hand and pull her with me because I have the freedom to do that with her .. šŸ™‚ she has the freedom to tell, Ash, slowly, my pace. and I do…


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31 thoughts on “#FridayReflections on Usain Bolt”

      1. Veey much feasible, only thing is all the people part of the group must be interested. I have formed a small bloggers group on twitter with the aim to enhance creativity by discussing. Gained partial success.

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  1. “ą“Øą“®ąµą“®ą“³ąµ†ą“Øąµą“Øąµą“‚ ą“Øą“®ąµą“®ą“³ą“¾ą“Æą“æą“²ąµą“²ąµ†ą“™ąµą“•ą“æąµ½
    ą“‡ąµ± ą“²ąµ‡ą“¾ą“•ą“‚ ą“Øą“®ąµą“®ąµą“Ÿąµ‡ą“¤ą“²ąµą“²ą“¾ą“¤ą“¾ą“µąµą“‚…”

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