of tanktops & indigo sareees

13442363_1088702347862058_3927083908694127458_nActually dreading the time I need to get out of campus and start assembling a wardrobe! Some thing like this blue sari in the pic. They tell me it is maheswari cotton! (I’m clueless with names, I know of cotton, silk, wool, nylon, satin, rubber ..)  But absolutely fell in love with the indigo colour (that blue, they call it that way, you know the indigo in the violet, indigo, blue, green… ) and the print! but if I were to wear it I won’t wear it with that white blouse, whites are a pain to wash! But you’ll almost always see me in white, one of my fav colours to be in..

I was thinking of say a mustard matted yellow with a blue and white piping (is this little folded strip of cloth at the edges, makes everything have a closure, and tailormade, men’s shirt pockets edges come out with it these days).. or a muted red.. or a darker shade of blue may be, or a patchwork or the in thing, the lace!!  or if nothing else fits, there is always that tank top! Tank tops make excellent blouses in the absence of 😀  even for that matter tees!

I love these kind of drapes, although I don’t find myself draped in one any time soon. The one rare occasion I did find myself in one, I had a lot of adventures in was during a rainy day! these people being friends helped me out so I wasn’t all show to everyone, and elegantly presented!

How causal is casual.. is a question I asked somebody when I received a text saying, I’m very causally dressed today! I thought shorts! hot pants, tee… I think my style quotient if you leave it to me is a tee/kurti and capri pants. Absolutely comfortable lazy things.. especially when out for dinner because they stretch when the tummy is full and you can still breathe in them, need not look constipated because the buckle is about to bounce off the hip, or some material starts to stiffen up somewhere near the spine or around the tummy!

Delhiites and those in Chandigarh, could you please parcel the sun back to Bombay minus the humidity, of course.. my muse he is, you see. Otherwise I may just need to start talking about tank tops & indigo saris..( which now I think is also interesting after BB’s comment)😍😇

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when I asked give me something to write on, the title is her suggestion (the one in the pic, my meenakutty menon. 😍😘


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17 thoughts on “of tanktops & indigo sareees”

  1. Methinks you are being too modest . Your tank top and indigo sari sounds chic and casual . Go for it . I too believe in comfort first but honestly there’s nothing more comfortable than a sari. Would it have lasted for 1000s of years? Think about it – no tailor, no size , just wrap and roll

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    1. BB, the unmodest me thinks so too .. Ya! I’ve always wondered which day would I wake up to unconsciously choose to wear a sari somewhere like I get into my tracks and tee now. Thinking about it, spot on you are.. Just wrap, and roll, airy (I would say) how many styles it can be draped in… 😄😇 thank you for clearing my doubts! I was.. 😍


        1. You did? A friend of mine did .. Was following her and found some absolute lovely ones. I may have, will hop to your side of fb and see. At the moment, I’m looking out for a bottle green in silk with a red border.. (One of those fancies) any fab combo you like ..

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    1. MJ on the other hand is happy the sari is not torn and there are no damages! invoking disaster! hehehe! phew! but I that sari whenever I look at it, brings back that rainy day in Bangalore .. and all of us, your birthdays, your delighted faces, the cake.. rain, and of course the wedding.. 😀


    1. hahaaha! It is the other way round with me. I can’t handle the pinned ones.. I somehow feel so restricted! Leggings are a boon I tell you! stretch any which way you want.. still stays intact!


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