For as long as I can remember, nobody at school except for my class knew I had a younger brother. We grew up fighting over Chinese checkers, and scrabble, why didn’t you take that catch idiot! dealing the +4 card at UNO, and how couldn’t you see it was a tree, in pictionary!.. The number of chess boards MJ has thrown away after our fights can make one big room of 64 squares. She would pull us apart somehow, and say, “chechi that corner, kutts the other and one more thing, you two are not talking ever again. got it” Poor little thing that he was, after this admonition he used to find little chits make balls and throw towards my end. When MJ caught it once, she caught us planning “Chechi we’ll talk when mummy sleeps” Β πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Like chalk and cheese, he grew up to be the zen guy, and me into this crazy mishmash! During one of those days, when I happened to land at his place at 4 in the morning, I found him cooking. He was chopping at something very diligently, something was already brewing on simmer in one of the wok, there was a pressure cooker about to whistle, the rice cooker was letting out some steam.. He hands me a mug of coffee, a packet of my favourite jim jam biscuits and says, “oh that’s your lunch. Your ice cream is in the fridge btw if you feel like some now.” How could he have grown up. Ain’t I the elder one to care!Β “You’ll be too tired to cook anything when you finally wake up. And you grow grumpy when hungry!” he smiled! “If you feel up to it, cook some dinner, or else we’ll order something!”

He was born on an August Sunday in the middle of the Kerala Monsoons, three weeks early, putting all the plans to shame! I was ecstatic at being the sista.. the big sister.. his chechi.. although years down the chechi has shortened to che! and chi!.. this kiddo is the only one in the world who gives me the thrill of the word chechi..

it isn’t august and it is not his birthday today. The prompt came from R’mom post.Β 


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79 thoughts on “Che-chi”

  1. most of my friends still don’t know that A isn’t actually my sister. πŸ˜€ We were that close.Though her calling me chettan is strictly forbidden.

    hmmm. Pinchechi sounds nice, alle? πŸ˜€

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            1. that is a name reserved for that boy alone! I’m pins too you, and you are y vins.. let’s stay that way! why complicate our book notes! and Pins & Vins rhymes see..


  2. Awww….what a lovely post!

    Chechi here, kutts there :-). Cute

    Throwing chits..let’s talk when mummy sleeps! How cute!!!’

    Loved it! Went back to my childhood days and fun I had with my brother.

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    1. He used to think Mummy would never allow us to talk every again! But then we used to fight all over again over chess again.. pushed to corners, throwing chits.. the cycle continued!


  3. Well a very happy birthday in advance to the young man. .

    And yes how amazing and beautiful were those days.. me and my younger sis use to fight so much .. and then we grew up I so want to have those fights once again…

    God bless

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    1. They’ll grown up to be so cuddly close sisters.. you’ll have to pick up your jaws from the floor a lot many times, stay geared or keep them dropped at the floor πŸ˜€



  4. Aah the memories! This lovely read on a rainy day makes me reminisce my childhood where me and my younger brother, who is 2 and a half years younger to me, used to fight a lot. Infact most of the times we used to fight like ‘ek doosre ke khoon ke pyaase’. The fights were ugly. Once we had a cousin staying with us for holidays. He was a jealous types. On seeing both of us fighting, he threatened to go and complain to our father (who used to become a terrifying figure in such situations). The very next moment, me and brother talked with our eyes and said jumped on the cousin.

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    1. hahahahaha! This is exactly what I felt when I read R’s mom this morning! what childhood if there are no fights with the siblings over anything silly or grave, the make up the break up.. ..

      Glad you enjoyed Anamika πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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          1. That’s so sweet πŸ™‚ yeah I miss the childhood too, but now I enjoy it in my kids, but tell them strictly if they fight I will put them in a room until they learn to get along!!! πŸ™‚

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                1. After all blood! Their love for each other is more than their love for the fight.. Fights happen but.. I remember, I have turned the resident goon towards anybody who even remotely tried to bully my brother! 😎

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