#meetingblogfriends # meetingpeople #wecomeinallkindsofshades

it is funny meeting people. it really is.

1544558_410856749122992_389851075815026374_n “And she got into a vehicle in the middle of the night with someone whom she was meeting for the first time” πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I was reaching Bangalore around 10:30 in the night. The train was delayed by an hour, so 11:30ish. had come down on the pretext of a friend’s wedding, apparently.. the more interesting part was, I was excited to meet 4 friends from the blogworld. She said she’d pick me up from the station and take me home. I got off, walked down the stairs, and there she was like the gravatar. My friend travelling with me thought I was meeting my boyfriend, seeing the excitement πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜…

The highlight was the peach tea that cafe never had that day, or the day after or even till date. The over the counter guy gives me that peachy smile!! 😎 She pinged and said she was coming this side… and she came. We spent an entire day together over lunch chatting, over tea chatting, over not the peach tea but other teas at the inhouse cafe until it grew dark …

We drove down to Baroda to meet him. And there out of the blue he appeared.. like that, green tee, cargo pants.. he came, sat next to me and we continued to chat, like that (did he get me a silk).. How we laughed when my wall mate happened to pass by while he was here.πŸ˜…

We had just met on the blog, it grew to be fun talking, he was transiting via bombay. I sat right in front of those exit doors looking out for him. But he spotted me first. Lunch and silks later, we meet at the blogs everyday.

She invited me over for dinner, and there she was that very smile, and the nature, the very same.. sent her a parcel yesterday via blue dart, a parcel of rain from Bombay, Shall, aanchal did you two girls recieve your parcels? 😘

and another one writes these lovely book notes and sends books across

unspecifiedCBQF8N7Othen there is my twin.. it is like stepping into home when I go visit her at her hostel..

the couple and my god child! ho! still remember the heat of the chilli the man added in the groundnut salsa. and how I went running from pillar to post in the kitchen looking for Β water.. the woman, if ever I had a sister she would be it..

my rain partner, puddle jumper, paper boat maker.. she and I meet and bombay rains! should we, should we not! πŸ˜€

And then there is this guy, sarcastic as he can be, but patiently helps me assemble a pic and we go click click click, the longest I have known would be him through blogs! Hyd to Pune to Bombay to Hyd..

There is this woman I have never met, the fellow research scholar, fiesty. fiery… Libran and Reeves lover. I’m in love with her word pictures since 2010!

This four line man, he encapsulates everything in four lines beautifully, finds pins and ashes cumbersome, calls me Pinky ..

The toothy grin woman who at the moment is in love with patterns in the sky, sends surprise packages to her blog friends here and now…

Love when the alien writes about the moon, even otherwise he writes he some beautiful verse!

I have this urge to hold her on some days and say, stop thinking too much! deep she is in her thoughts, finds ghosts attractive… wants to talk to them, she says, when she isn’t racking her mind up on something else! πŸ˜€

she loves my smiles, and she says so .. I love her for that! more than blogs, fb.. waiting to meet her some time..

This kanya has got me into reading, reading her, reading her verse in Mal.. I don’t know when I fell in love with her .. But I do, her, her words and her thoughts..

A lover of films, the zen libran guy.. referred to conjuring for everything until that comment where he revealed his love for films.. And then we had a deal, a list, a long list..to see..

The happy butterfly, she clicks ..clicks and scribbles, mished mashed mished .. I miss her on days when she tucks herself in quietly, not a sound, not a hug ..! Today may be..

Long hair, ponytail, he posts at around 1am.. Lover of rhythms, crisp jottings… Brings a smile

the original zen guy, met him long ago.. he too misses those days of blogging, where we battled it out with chez in the comments space.. blog more, write more, writes more on fb walls, and re-posts his older ones, zen I tell you this man, chubby he looks, but zen he is..

And this one woman I promised to meet, been at hers and she’s been at mine but never could meet, we.. Her jhumkas I promised still with me dangling from the sil..

She walks in with a happy smiley face, reads every word, and has happy things to say .. Reads, comments and likes she exits back to UK .. Uffoo, I so like that about her .. 😍

he is the man, happy, emotional, patriotic, one vibrant punjabi from UK.. been reading him for such a long time!

and then walks in my sunshine.. with her questions, haikus.. her dazzling smile, twinkling eyes!

And the list never ends .. Blogworld thank you!






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19 thoughts on “#snippets”

  1. You are blessed. . Wowow..

    You are one incredible lovely soul .. God bless you ..

    This post has brought so many memories.. what a beautiful day today is.. read your other post on rain and now this ..

    Friendship is a blisssssss. … you my dear put a smile on my face today very early in the morning. . So thank you for that. .

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwwwww 😍😍😍😍😍😍
    That is so so cute and lovely and nice and sweet and friendly and superb and splendid and awesome and beautiful and charming and I don’t know, what to say.. Thanks and more hugs and hugs to you Ash, so sweet of you πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    Liked by 2 people

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