What is it to be mature?

Found a shared quote on FB about maturity. It said, maturity is about staying calm, and trying to understand others when they find themselves in some situation. Hmm! which in turn compels them to do what th… Maturity!!! This post has been pulled up from somewhere, says my stats page! 🙂

In food news then, my chicken turned green last night, I had mangoes from big basket for breakfast yesterday, (seems like I’ll have them even today for bf), I yearn to bake some bread. That’s a file shot from a year ago at home!

I wonder whether sharing food pics is being mature or not being mature, what do you think!! 😀 I thought I shouldn’t share at first, I even told somebody I don’t post all the pics I click on the blog, and here I am, the colour of the green was so compelling I think that did it.. it is early in the morning, I’m jobless, shutting down work, and may just go to sleep!! 😀

PS: I had taken away the like button from the original post when I had posted it last year,  had to put it back on soon enough! thought I’d do that to this one as well.. but then, I thought I’ll tell you all to like it, like you always do, but type in a hi to me.. and then lay down your thoughts on maturity! now isn’t that being mature 😀 Cya soon.. can’t stay awake a minute more!

brexit again! and a mexit, earlier.. this is turning to be interesting.. more sleepless nights!



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14 thoughts on “What is it to be mature?”

  1. Maturity is doing what you are being asked to do: liking a post and then commenting.
    Maturity is also leaving the joke aside and honestly appreciating someone who spreads happiness by sharing joy through their blog.
    Call the chicken curry hariyali chicken.

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