Mera Kuch Samaan ..

. in the voice of Asha Bhosle.. from RD Burman for the film Ijjazat (1987) ) written & directed by Gulzar of memories of time spent together, her samaan (her things).

Have always found this song beautiful. A friend of mine used to sing this so well, I used to make her sing this song all the time 🙂 I’ve read that Asha Bhosle was reluctant to sing this song because she thought it was not her style, but see the beauty of it all when all of them agreed on it … !

Mera (my) kuch (a few) samaan (things) translates to “I’ve left behind a few of my things with you,” she says. She was his lover. As he reads more from her letter, he realizes her things (samaan) she left behind are her memories of time & days they were together, she begins to list .. like a couple of days during rhe rains .. Another song that comes to mind is
“Sawan barse tarse dil kyon naa nikale ghar se dil” … I think it has Akshay Khanna in the lead, not sure.

Rain songs these are evoking memories between people, between partners, ex partners, very much in love, lovers .. What is love, you ask,
love is that very private something
two people have between them!
The time they have spent together
Only they can know of,
Only they can recollect …
Only they cherish…
That which brings that smile
Whenever they think of,
say rain ..

The featured pic: is of a memorable day I met Gulzar in the airport, he was travelling to Cochin with his family to celebrate his birthday! The book is a gift from a very dear (blog) friend, without whom my Bangalore memories seem incomplete 😘😍, a suppper hyper Gulzar addict she is. You’ll love her writing, hop on. If she loves you, she’ll cook up some marvels, share her books, give you songs every day to listen to. 😊😄


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23 thoughts on “Mera Kuch Samaan ..”

  1. It’s a very beautiful song. When Gulzar wrote it, RD said that this song reminds him of an ad in Times of India. 😀 Gulzar was a master of contemporary shayari and poetry. Thanks for such a lovely morning gift! 🙂

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    1. More than RD, I’m thinking of borrowing Gulzar’s thoughts .. Absolutely poetic that man, the ways he makes us swoon to his words and makes us think .. 🙂 only he could have come up with such beautiful lines!

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      1. Absolute gems! Try his song ‘Yaaram’, from Ek Thi Daayan… One of the most romantic songs I ever heard. Or, Baadlon se kaat kaat ke, from Satya… He’s actually peerless!

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          1. Ye nahi suna tha kabhi. Will listen to it today evening, when I reach home. I have an entire collection of Gulzar. ‘Humne gilahri ke joothe matar khaye the… ‘ 😀 Whoever else can imagine such a rustic and beautiful thought? You made me lyrical! Such a beautiful rain and Gulzar! Anyway, he was always a die hard fan of water. In streams, raining through the sky…

            Thanks again for such happiness! 🙂

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            1. Pleasure is mine too, Rakesh..the Satya song gave way to rim jim barsa pani.. Tumse Milne and now tujhse naaraz nahi from masoom.. Going on..thank you for shrong in the happiness!


              1. Also try Pani pani re by Machis and Pahli baar mohabbat ki hai (Slow version) from Kkaminey. There are hundreds! And, Jab bhi ye dil udas hota hai, Rafi. Film Seema and what about Seene me jalan by Suresh Wadekar? They are so apt for this beautiful season! Love it!

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  2. Mesmerizing lyrics by Gulzar and soulful music my RD Burman ……sheer bliss. I am a die hard fan of both of them……today being Pancham’s birth anniversary all stations are playing his numbers…..a bonanza for a fan like me…….in the background can you hear those beautiful melodies playing??? ;-D

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  3. I love the old time ones……all songs of Ijazzat, Ghar, Andhi, Khushboo, Parichay to name a few……all the songs pure gems.
    Others which I really enjoy are Piya Bavari (Angoor), Tujhse naraaz nahi (Masoom), Naam gum jayega, roz roz aankho tale……..Oh. there so many more and not to forget some Bhupinder gulzar combinations which are classics and evergreen 🙂

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