happy to report

I’m not down with fever! Now that’s a relief to me.. since I let myself get drenched this morning.. I took a risk! what’s life without a little risk, ya! If you have been reading me carefully, you’d know I have been living my worst nightmare of late. I had lost my voice, my most prized possession, and been in bed sick .. so the no idlis (the big reason), and the no icecreams.. (epitome of maturity) and why someone keeps teasing me about urad, when I post picture of vadas.. Immunity is once again becoming my best friend  .. yaayayay! time for a silk then 😀 one thing I’m allowed to enjoy 🙂

in the bg: Vadiya &  Zinda


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pins & ashes

An Aquarius Woman

18 thoughts on “happy to report”

      1. I can understand. I am a big fan of south indian breakfast.
        I am at home today. Just ground Urad in my Indian wet grinder for Idlis for bfast tomorrow 🙂 🙂 :-). You are welcome fro bfast tomorrow.

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  1. Happy to know you din fall sick.Even after getting drenched! 😀 It happens to me all the time !sigh sigh :/ I have grown out of my obsession with creams(probably,its a sign of ‘maturity’ like you said 😀 ) But I still love Silk!Say ‘silk’ in the midnight and I’m up and awake, ready to grab it !

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