a lot rides on a name :)

Taking a cue from one of Aanchal’s questions as part of her Liebester Award post. Her post was one of the high points of my life yesterday 😀 Joanne made my day during the week with a blogger recognition award. I love the questions that come with the awards, much more than the awards themselves. They always make starting points for posts.. Taking a cue from one such from both the awards, here goes..

Coming to the blog name then, what do you think is pins & ashes shortened to pna/pa is all about.. If you guessed it is all about me, you are not wrong. pins and ashes are both shortened forms of the names I have been given. I’m pins to the family, and ashes, officially. What’s in a name you ask, a lot rides on the name, I would say, for when somebody calls me pins, I feel a kind of warmth and fuzzines fill me, I turn huggable instantly ;).. when somebody refers to me as ashes, the huggable self goes into the closet, and I wear my formal & serious self, ready to take on the world 😉 Like all names, there has been shortening of the shortened names.. the thing with names is, they become the shade we are with them..pins could be the most private of all these names..However, as I grew up the word pin-ash, ash-pin stuck, to the point where I thought I had coined two new words (I was about to ring Oxford ;)). I made it my blog url and my blog name.

Much later, Urban Dictionary tells me that they have a word, pinash, listed in their dictionary.  the meaning turned out to be just like me.. I went ahead with it, until one day MJ returned home from an important meeting and announced, a few male members referred to her as a vaayadi thala! (vaayadi – chatterbox / thala – slang for woman) How dare they was our first reaction, but then, we all calmed down soon because by now we know that a handful of men in this patriarchal society think of the thinking women only as such!! But that incident gave us a name for her future blog. I changed from pinashpinash to vaayadipennu since I was the daughter .  😀 whenever she starts one (you’ll be entertained, I’m sure), I hope she does so soon, she’ll be the vaayadithala 😀 We can easily become the vaayadis, a blog band, like a music band .. 😀 😉

the tagline of the blog keeps on changing according to my moods. At the moment it says, dreams and does, it sums up what pins & ashes is. For as long I can remember it was ‘pinash it is all the way,’ what is my blog about then, it a personal one, a narcissist one you say, it is in a way, but it is a place where I feel home to writing down anything, sharing it, and interacting with all of you 🙂

The comment section you know is always open, and I’m all ears.. if you want to share something about your name, or pingback here if you are planning to on your blog.. I’d love to know..

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13 thoughts on “a lot rides on a name :)”

  1. Loved the etymology of your blog! Cute and beautiful! I still wonder what your real name is! 😀

    My name means the full opal moon, and I’m a bit lunatic, which again means affected by moon. Hence, the blog Tales of The Opal Moon means stories written by me. 🙂

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    1. hahaah! lunatic 🙂 that story about the moon being afraid of the brother who promised his sister a bit of the moon.. whenever I spot her up there, I smile at her.. 🙂 such a lovely tale that was.. !

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  2. my earlier blog used to be my name ( which I am so not fond of..long story that !!!)
    This one is more me ….jumble mumble tumble …yak yak !!! An impulsive blg , impulsive name and well ….the posts are as impulsive and quite a mish mash of a whole lot of mumbo jumbo !!!

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