A chai/coffee & pakoda party

It is raining in here, no power, battery down, what better way to celebrate than with a plate of piping hot pakodas, a pot of tea, and mugs of coffee, with friends.. Walk right in.. #rain&foodmemoirs

rsvp – a food memory


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51 thoughts on “A chai/coffee & pakoda party”

      1. The weather is misty mostly in the evening during this season, most men prefer to have drinks in this chill climate with hot chilli chicken 🙂 This is routine here 🙂 If it’s family, coffee or tea with hot bhajji or bonda in the evening! Most people prefer having snacks in the shops rather than house!

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        1. The last part is information 🙂 I love buying a cup of tea on my way back from my morning walks from the roadside shop! There is something about sitting in their bench and absorbing the mornings .. Morning ooty 🙂 Bombay is in Jumbo Mode 🙂


          1. Information is everything it doesn’t exclude anything! Ooty is pleasant now because of heavy wind and chill weather 🙂 Morning walk and cup of tea is always nice and you can feel the fresh air 🙂

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                1. Worth I’m not sure, I like to watch people walking and jogging.. the mist sometimes makes it possible only to see the legs, and no faces! sometimes, people coming out into the open from a bowl of clouds..beautiful #appealstothesenses #meditation


                  1. ha ha 🙂 Maybe conjuring 3 when see only legs and not face in mist 🙂 or It can be viewed like a fantasy movie 🙂 I have noticed in blogging world, most of the bloggers are have deep thought over different subject which is amazing and it tunes the brain well 🙂 I’m usually get admired by many bloggers!

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                    1. Conjuring 1 was completely new and no one has idea about the movie! everyone would have thought comedy come horror 🙂 I cannot forget the scene on the top of cupboard 🙂 I closed my eyes and my heart stopped for a second 🙂 Thrill chills 🙂

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                    2. Imagine this, I was sitting on one of those movie couches in the theatre, restless that there was not action happening on screen. And then it happened!

                      Conjuring move aside, tell me about other films you like, watched any this week ?


                    3. ha ha 🙂 So everyone felt the real scare! I’m a movie freak and i do watch all languages movies. My favorites are Korean movies(They are best in action & Romatic comedy), Japanese Animation Movies(Watch Grave of the fireflies if you have time) Animation character provides better emotion than humans! Denmark Moves(Best detectives and thrillers), Iranian(Reality and emotions). I have plenty of list and many to talk when it comes to movies 🙂 I watched a spanish movie Cell 211. Coming weekend will watch “miracle in cell no 7” Korean movie 🙂 How about you? movie watched?

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                    4. Now that’s like a truckload of suggestions 🙂 Glad we ran into each other! Why don’t you talk movies on your blog! I would love to read. Will watch the Grave of the fireflies.. a recent one I loved watching is the Song of the Sea! Kung Fu panda one is almost always on, into a re-watching mode these days, so Manichitratazhu is like the way you discus conjuring for me. Haven’t ventured much into south asian, but European yes. My wife is a gangster, was that a Korean film? I loved that one..


                    5. Yes i can share about the movies i have watched but the problem is, I’m very lazy when it comes to writing, instead i will share reviews from others sites linking back to them. Moreover everyone have their own taste with watching movies. I’m not sure my list are going to make difference 🙂 My wife is a gangster is a hongkong movie with few korean casting in it 🙂 Once you start watching korean movies, you will be impressed with movie making and stories 🙂 I would refer you to watch this korean movie for the concept “The Beauty Inside” – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4273886/.

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                    6. Ah! Laziness a friend of yours as well? She sits with me everyday, and I have to shut her in the other room!

                      Interesting trailer, there. Let me see whether I can get a print to watch it today. I’d love to be on the list if you are doing this sharing about your films via email.. Yes, everybody has their own tastes, why bother if your list is going to making a difference or not, you are writing your impression of it, is how I see it when I do posts, ( not a care to the world .. )

                      If I finish my work to my satisfaction, I gift a movie to me every night 😀


                    7. To be honest, i’m not good with writing that’s the main reason 🙂 You are good in giving counter punch 🙂 okay sure. I will share weekly two to three movies with links and maybe you can write your thoughts on movies 🙂 There are some movies, which can be watched many number of times 🙂 Just few words or reference about the movies would do good for the bloggers to get knowledge of movies! Will share plenty of feel good movies!

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          1. 😉 oh you can call me Shef… my frnds call me that… I was surprised d first time you called me Shef… btw how do I address you “pins”???? I could fish around but thought of asking u directly. 😊

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