The Ideal .. (if there is)

The post is an off shoot of a comment conversation with Shilparya, where we were talking about the ideal woman, over the post, match for the daughter pat came the answer, “let’s ask the men,” “because they make it” I thought there is something about that comment. My instant reaction was this song from a popular Malayalam film starring Mammottey and Suhasini..

(the question is how do I translate the entire essence of it to all of you who does not understand the language). Roughly, the husband is describing his wife/ or his thoughts about how his wife should be… the poet has really imagined well, lovely tunes, and lovely lyrics, sometimes flattering.. but when you get to the core of it, it is a scary thought, if any man expects his wife to be all that! god save the woman, and her man. There is another song from a recent film, Premam .. a fun song sung to a hip beat.. humorous lyrics. one of the lines I love is about “wearing costumes which mothers don’t approve of” Both songs essentially talk about the women in a man’s life, wife, girlfriend, ex girlfriend…

If the lyrics does not make sense, these are beautiful songs to listen to, I prefer the second to the first…. and listen and you can do me a favour, tell me your views in general about the ideal in anything..  (this is case of the ideal wife/woman is just a case in point), keeping the songs aside 🙂




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19 thoughts on “The Ideal .. (if there is)”

            1. My chattiness is interpreted in the wrong sense almost all the time! Don’t even talk about silences, when I do, people come up with all sorts of things! 😀 That is why I’m thinking of buying a serious looking frame and glasses,.. 😀

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                  1. Yes, indeed. When you are the one who just not steps but leaps to help the other person with all their loyalty and honesty, you demand the same and I don’t think there is anything wrong in demanding these two absolutely necessary qualities. 😊

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        1. I can think of a couple of friends like that 🙂 it is so surprising that they just get it.. what we have been trying to explain.. and is always there! 🙂 Thanks Harsh 🙂


  1. Ah…the ideal woman…there can be one only if there exists an ideal man for her somewhere…simple! 😀
    I did a post on it sometime back…lemme share it with you

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      1. Yes….we discussed it. So it proves the point we made in the comments there….no matter which age we are in the topic never goes out of fashion. It is still relevant, and sadly still not much has changed.

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  2. Are you trying to trigger my feminism here…lol… Ideal women I thought men had only one thing especially during arrange marriage… Ideal measurement beauty… Wasn’t it???…. Probably I come from an alien zone..heheh…

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      1. Don’t worry I too feel it’s overrated…..I just get pangs of it and I really get irritated when we want equality and then accept women reservations easily 😉 there are many more I will keep them for later… Lol…

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        1. Ah! I’ll be waiting.😎😎 I always stand in the general queue and have a tendency to sneer at women who stand in their reserved women’s lines..and call themselves wanting equality 😎😎 more to come, will save it for later


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