Oh! Still no match for Ur Daughter!?

Now, why do we train our girls from childhood only to achieve the apex called marriage? I think there needs to be some kind of right handbook a how to broach the topic of marriage with their girl children, so that it does not remain the sole aim in their lives or their career goal. Aiming to be an excellent wife is one of the best career options in the world, but not at the cost of anybody’s mental health though!

ps:1 (A post I had written more than a few years ago. certain factors are dated, but the overall content I think stands relevant even today, have a look at the comments too, if you are interested!..)
ps2: been writing too many fun posts latety, thought I’ll show you I have a serious self πŸ˜€

Vaayadi Pennu

Feb 20, 2010

Now these things happen on and off. People falling in and out of love, some get married to their sweethearts others marry outside in spite the love that bonded them for a while, while they were together. However, love marriages are not the only way to get married in our society. I know I’m making ridiculous mundane statements first thing in the first few lines of the latest post. What I’m coming to is the problem when an arranged match is delayed, when an alliance is difficult to come by or when alliances are not nearing a prospective groom or bride.

What happens? They age, of course. Time never stands still. It moves on and so does the people involved. So does the worry and anxiety of the parents and this is filtered to their children of marriageable age, especially if the offspring is a daughter and…

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22 thoughts on “Oh! Still no match for Ur Daughter!?”

  1. Oh I just went back to those days when I used to fight against this mentality. Have no idea when it will change… And sometimes I am afraid if I have a daughter will I be the same.. Hope not fingers crossed πŸ˜‰

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