#mylittlelifeproblems – an emotional dustbin!

There are days, I feel I don’t want to meet the world…  With people I am extremely free with, I tell them I’m taking off! With people I can’t say such, I just move on, with a handful, I may stage a war! I may be off in the head somewhere.. 😀 you never know. At times  I need a break, a break from people. Do you? I do. I guess, even they need a break from me!

MJ tells me could be because I talk to more than a dozen in a day.. she’s the only one I can confide my emotional state. I tell her, “Ammuse, I feel like an emotional dustbin today.” I don’t need to say anything further, she’ll tell me what to do. On some days, she instructs me to go take a shower, on others it is go make yourself a cup of coffee, or nibble some chocolates or put in a few sns! She should know because I have in many ways her persona when around people. She is not this chatty! 😀 She is quite the opposite, but I have seen people feeling very comfortable around her from their first meetings. Then she would know everything about them from Adam! How, I ask, she tells me, it always was, she too has been a dustbin of thoughts ..

A lesson I never learn is not to invest too much time in talking such that I need to take a break of the overdose but me being me and my attraction to excellent conversation, it rarely gets done. That’s when it reaches breaking point and I hear my scream, and then it all goes black!

Restraint may be.



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45 thoughts on “#mylittlelifeproblems – an emotional dustbin!”

            1. 🙂 🙂 I’m thinking a weekend without people around, in my room, table by the window, all gadgets shut! that would be lovely! there is something called a 12 day Vipasana.. I’ve always wanted to go! but then I think, I may just close down their centre, making it chatty vipasana 😛 😛


              1. Impossible task for you 🙂 Who knows 🙂 Whoever talks a lot in their initial part of life might be silent and experienced enough not to talk in future 🙂 Vipasana comes into act during that time!

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                  1. They are silent hearing the word vipasana or else they wont be. Whatever we do or whatever makes our heart is a kind of meditation. You feel happy when you are talking maybe its a kind of meditation with focus for you 🙂

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  1. I’m all for it. In fact, I require a lot of break, considering the rabble surrounding me. 😀 I have a simple remedy to clean the Emotional Dustbin. I simply pick up my flute and play raag Bhairav for an hour or so. Like the harsh sunshine drying up the dampness off a wet rag, my soul is lighter and crisper after the recital, leaving a fragrant and lingering feeling. I’m ready to lock horns with life again.

    Vivé la musique! 🙂

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    1. You play the flute .. Wow! Music does wonders. I sit down to practice my music vocals.. The Dustbin is cleared, cleaned and ready to be filled again 🙂 thanks Rakesh..will have to come Panvel to listen to the flute 🙂

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        1. Will go through soon 😊. I love the sound of the flute and that of the santoor, two of my favourites .. Music does some marvellous things to most of is, listening, singing or plying instruments.. I’m more of like a rhythm person. Couldn’t complete learning the jazz drums but I can do something with it.. But that is too big for my room to keep ..😀


          1. Stringed instruments are indeed very beautiful. I learned tabla with Ustad Allarakha, who is the father of Ustad Zakir Hussain. This was just to enhance the sense of rhythm, which is required in Indian Classical music. Music is my passion and a refuge, where I crawl when cornered by extreme of emotions. Always wanted to learn drum bank, but couldn’t. An unfulfilled dream! What’s life, but a collage of unfulfilled dreams and desires!

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            1. Allarakha ahaha 🙂 I love the tabla, the master in my campus told me, he won’t teach me because I am a woman! nonsense! I didn’t have very good things to say to him! 😡😠 Tabla will have to wait ..

              I heard somewhere in Vashi pandit chaurasia runs his flute classes.. He comes once in a month True? what is life without rhythms ..

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              1. Pt Chaurasia doesn’t teach flute. Even his nephew Rakesh Chaurasia learned from Pt Malhar Kulkarni.

                Tell that tabla master that he’s an ass. :/ Dr Aban Mistry is a Parsi lady who’s a maestro in tabla, so is Anuradha Pal, who was a disciple of Ustad Allarakha. In fact, tabla is an ideal percussion instrument to be played by women. Pakhavaj or mridang requires strength, but tabla requires a delicate stroke. Hari ji was never a good teacher. It’s possible that others would be teaching in his name. He’s a great businessman though. 😀

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                1. let me check again then, a friend’s friend has enrolled! That could be the case..
                  The master had to leave midway through his course, I guess the contract was revoked! many had complaints.
                  I like the sound of the mridungam!


  2. I take off a lot…and too often…so I understand what you mean. It is a good thing to charge your batteries in solitude and then go chat chat chat all over again! 😛

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