Let’s go for chai!

Cutting Chai source: google images

And most often than not, most of us are up, sling bags on, wallets in the pocket, walking out of the lab down the staircase to one of the canteens. Once there we may not drink chai at all. We may order for a samosa or a chicken puffs or a cup of coffee, extra strong, sometimes stronger, two cups may be three… or a cool drink from the refrigerator or a packet of piri piri.

Even then, none of us would say let’s go for a cool drink, or let’s go for a samosa.

Let’s go for chai has become a metaphor for a break… a jargon so called we carry around among us for which our response is, in 5 or just had .. or may be after an hour..

Let’s go for chai becomes that point at which a break becomes the ventilation to exhale the clutter of the working mind to take in newer ideas.. brainstorm some thing else, chat a little, gossip some more… give the mind some air… some other conversations outside work so that we can come back refreshed, may be fresher than we were a few minutes ago at the laptop or the reading table or the lab to continue with our work. The walk down to one of the canteens, the outside of the lab.. newer faces.. and the face of the canteen fellow.. who knows exactly how you want your coffee… let’s go for chai, in 4 words sums it all up..

So, shall we… Β πŸ™‚

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33 thoughts on “Let’s go for chai!”

  1. So true… let’s go for tea/coffee in other words is time for a break/catch up time.

    And if you bump into someone whom you have not seen in long time, you end up saying…good to see you etc etc and then kabhi chai par milthe hain!

    You are introduced to a new colleague/friend and you think you’d like to catch up again you end up saying…let’s meet for a coffee/tea…kabhi chai pe milthe hain! πŸ™‚

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