up for grabs :P

Question ..

What is that you do, the first thing, when you come to a blog… click on that like button, read the post, comment or follow. A few years ago, I hosted a First Commenter Award on this blog for the first commentator! Boy! It was a lot of whacky mindless fun, when blog friends raced to claim the first place on a given day, and the golden ribbon. I even had friends pinging me to ask when was the next post scheduled … To make it very democratic and a win win for everybody. I scheduled posts at all kinds of times. The response was outstanding.. The fun of blogging was doubled ..

Remembered those times, got hold of the post.. reblog-ing it to share the fun a few of us had during those months! I had even come up with a page for it, a list of names for 3-4 months ..

I was laughing out loud just going through the comments of this original post..

Go ahead, have fun!

Vaayadi Pennu

Monday Crib news…. na… it’s Happy Mondays here always at Pins N Ashes. 

Know what, it’s been pouring here in Bby since morning, actually since last night 😛 So, you know what I was up to all morning, don’t you…. by the window with a cup of my favourite coffee and watching the rain 😀

There’s some news for you, you meaning all those who race for the first place in the comment section. If you had read the comments to the previous post carefully then this would come as no surprise at all!  Because you know it already! I don’t like it when you know my surprise before I do it officially 😉

For the uninitiated, it’s all about an award… a fun award.. hope you all have fun! no bloodshed please! 

the blogger who comes first and claims it (claiming is as important as dashing past all your fellow partners :P) for every post here at ….Pins and Ashes….gets this first commenter gold…

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45 thoughts on “up for grabs :P”

                    1. Hahaha… Ok! I am a winner anyway as pin and a Martian have made my Sunday morning brighter than it actually is. Also I have come across a beautiful blog from Mars! So ok, happy to lose this award to a Martian.

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